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Name: leopardcody2
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Hi everyone I am going o be stating to teach a class on magick beginning with the basics the class will be on mondays wednesdays and fridays if you wish to know more please contact me it will be on kik messenger you will also need access to youtube as i will be posting videos as a tool to help understand what i teach in class

My sister and I are looking to start a Pride outside of the SOM community. A pride is such are rare occurrence in the supernatural community and we would like to offer all breeds of cat an outlet. A Pride operates much like at Wolf pack with a couple differences. For one, it is all Were-cats, wild and un-wild cat shifters, neko's or those wishing to become such. The key points of a Pride are a family that can help our members establish a foundation on which they can accomplish their goals. A Pride is bound by loyalty, trust and faith in one another, this keeps us strong. If you are interested in joining please message me. If I don?t respond right away don?t worry, I promise that I will get back to you in some time. or you may message LadyRaye. We will then question you about things please be honest on your answers.

So I would like to clear a few things up.

1. Don't judge others for their beliefs, thats the funny things about beliefs is that you can believe anything you want to!!

2. Though I myself am not a satanist please don't bash them because if you do then you clearly do not know what a satanist really is well most people don't anway.

3. Seriously people I get kids can belive in fluff as you people call it really it is more that its therianism which is very real because it is a BELIEF!!! aside from that they are young it is up to the older people more like wiser people to show them he way.

4.Black and white magick doesnt exist its positive and negative energy which is used in spell craft the evil good debate is upon the user.

5. Magick is about intention and focus a few words are not going to make something happen sorry to say

6. Magick is a tool that almost anyone can access no different than a hammer and nails however Magick can also be a way of life for people it is intended to make life easier but can not fix everything

7.Magick is what witchcraft is Magic is sleight of the hand tricks (I am saying witchcraft to simplify things not all magick is witchcraft)

8. I highly doubt you are a deity please don't say you are also if you say you are something other than human or therian then you are more than welcome to believe it and I won't bash you because I do know of things out there.

9.Unless you are a mixed Vampire meaning you have other such blood in you then you can not cast magick because your body does not produce living energy (energy vampires are not real vampires they are leaches more than vamps, Vampyre is a blessing of nyx which is way different than vampire very very different BTW I knew of the term VAMPYRE long before reading the house of night series)(IT IS AN AMAZING SERIES IF YOU LOVE FANTASY BOOKS THOUGH!!)

10.Magick is not a toy to play with I understand casting little things to help learn it and it can be fun to use but remember magick is the manipulation of energy so please please please by the gods be careful especially to you newer people (this more pertains to children but it is a great message for adults who are beginning there journey aswell I personally call beginning this journey the fools journey)

Here are some great youtubers that deal in magick they helped me learn a great deal


Raven Flower

Sunshine morningrae

My youtube channel is in the link on my profile or you can search the name

Shadow Leopard Magick and more

I love ansering questions and helping people but please remember I too have a life to deal with and can be rather busy I try to answer questions as fast as possible I do not know all there is to know about magick and I learn new things every day I would love to hear more from you I do enjoy making friends please don't consider me fluff by what is on my profile I do know my body is and unless they find a way to splice genes legally will most likely in this life always be human however the soul does not reflect the body therefore being a therian I do have the spirit of a shifter or more precisely a Leopard Black Leopard to be exact.


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