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Name: leopardcody2
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 06 Dec 2016

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Deities-Death, Bastet, Nyx

Element-Shadows, Light, Darkness, Fire

I read tarot communicate with spirits I am a spiritual werecat as physically i cant shift though anythings possible, I am more things spiritally but im not going to say the you can ask me about them though.

My sister and I are looking to start a Pride outside of the SOM community. A pride is such are rare occurrence in the supernatural community and we would like to offer all breeds of cat an outlet. A Pride operates much like at Wolf pack with a couple differences. For one, it is all Were-cats, wild and un-wild cat shifters, neko's or those wishing to become such. The key points of a Pride are a family that can help our members establish a foundation on which they can accomplish their goals. A Pride is bound by loyalty, trust and faith in one another, this keeps us strong. If you are interested in joining please message me. If I don?t respond right away don?t worry, I promise that I will get back to you in some time. or you may message LadyRaye. We will then question you about things please be honest on your answers.

So I guess I need to tell everyone what a werecat is it is not like the movies where a wolf changes at a full moon that is just childish to think and actually rather disrespectful to felines all together as well as wolves. Werecats feline thereans and the like are where your spirits are not like a humans. This means we do not identify as humans we do not like to be called humans it is like calling a trans girl a boy vice versa it is fine that you dont think so your are entitled to your opinions but do not waste your time messaging me about it.

There are a few people on here that I would give my life for hurt them and I will do everything in my power to pay you back tenfold

LadyRaye, GreyOfWinter, And Salem14

There are more however these three are my family quite literaly and I would defend them to my last breath

LadyRaye- Is my sister

Salem14- Is my son from a past life dont believe me could care less he is and forever will be my son

ZyanWolf2, Satansson60 are two ore people whom matter to me very much aswell as Andromoleus/soulshadow92


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