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Name: AlphaWolf22
Birthday: Apr 30 1998
Location: Gastonia, NC
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Oct 2016

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

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I support this and please help to support GSN(Genetic Sexual Attraction) Copy link and past in address bar check it out and help us make marriage 100% free between all people

About myself: Can Someone please change me in to a werewolf or vampire please I can't live like this I will tell you why I'm in love with a girl that don't love me back because of something that I'm not going to explain because if I did I could go to jail and I understand why but I can't explain it but I gave up on love 10 years ago and all of sudden I love this girl I'm constantly depressed about it and to make things worse before she hanged out with me all the time alease we would watch movies everynight then my stepmother cousin comes around and she barlly hanged out with me then I go to visit my family for 1 1/2 mounths and I comeback and my sister comes with me she moves in now she wont hang out with me at all and if you want to know more message me but I desperately asking can anyone give me a new life if a werewolf I don't care how painful the transformation is if vampire I don't care if there's a change I will lose control of my self please help me I need a start over I'm begging you

Latest update:

Name: Brian

Nickname: Lycanian

Statics: Single and straight

Age: 18

Favorite Qouts: Stronger in numbers than none at all, fallow your leader and you will get endless opertuneittese.

Favorite creatures: Hybrids, Werewolves, and Vampires

Reasons why i have nicknames: Peaple call me Wolfy because of all the hair I have on me. I'm called Wings by some peaple because on my back where my shoulder blades are on both sides there is a big pach of hair missing and they are shaped as angel wings.

I'm on this website to lurn about magic, spells, and trying to become a werewolf or a hybrid

My mom growing up she was wiccan she learned every thing about magic how to do spells and all of that and she had a teacher she stoped when I was 8 when I turned 10 I asked her if she could teach me she said no that's why I am on this website I've been doing magic for 6 years I went my first 2 years doing magic then I stoped for a year started again when I was 14 I found this website I was on it for a few months then I would stop for another 3 months and I keep doing that for a wile I deleted my last profile in September because I was going throw things I was going to stop for good in November I started thinking about magic werewolves and all of that and I couldent stay a way so I made a new profile and going to start allover and Im going to post a spell I made soon after I get resalts


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