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Name: AlphaWolf22
Birthday: Apr 30 1998
Location: Gastonia, NC
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 09 Dec 2016

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

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Personal Bio

~ I support a movement called GSA(Genetic Sexual Attraction) and i ask all of you to join me and make relationships free between all consenting adalts learn more with the link below.


~ A little about myself: Well I was born in South Carolina and raised in Central New York in Fulton and Oswego but i recently moved to North Carolina July 25 2015. Im a mentalLycan shifterI cant change physicaly witch i would love to do but i can change mentaly my eye color changes to a redish color when im angry and i get enhanced speed, strength and senses in my mental wolf form i can control the change and myself in my mental state ive been waking up with stuff in my bed like one day there was wood chips on my pants legs and another day i woke up with cotton all over me.

~ Name: Brian Cooper

~ Nickname: In the family im called Buddy on my Youtube Channel and my Wolf PackIgo by Lycanian Son of Hircine(Lycanian for short).

~ Fav Music: the better question is what i dont like i like almost every type of music thats out there but what i really dislike is Screamo it hurts my ears and gives me head achs.

~ Relationship Stats: Singal and may never find someone and i dont care.

~Personal Story:hears a short story if you would like to hear the extenede version pm me but i fell in love with my sister andi been in love with her for 3 years and but i asked if she would give it a try to see if she may like being with me she said noi didnt mind then she said she would never be with me and that is waht brook my heartnow i cant see herand i wanted to kill my self then i finally got to talk to her and she said she was happy being away and i dont feel anything anymoreno anger no madness nothimg as if mysoul is gone but ive been noticing i am going crazy.(im keeping this sepreat from the other bio because this is really important)

~ I have a soul for sale if anyone is willing to make a deal its all yours


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