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Name: Hanita
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I'm Hana, a 4th generation tarot reader (still mastering the legacy!) and I am an esthetician who has a spa room in a salon. I offer farm to table facials, make my own soaps, skin care line, and essential oil blends for people. I'm looking for advice on incorporating more spiritual elements like an altar, herbology, gemology, and spell casting into my spa room.

I inherited my mom's first deck when I was 14. It's a 1960s rider-wait give to my mom before my great grandmother died. It has all kinds of key words my mom originally wrote and I've added to! It was her learning deck, mine, and will be my kids. I'm still learning to memorize and be confident in reading and hope to graduate to a "grown up" deck soon :p

I have began studying wicca when I was 11. My family took a trip to Salem, Mass. and I had gotten a few books like "Teenager's guide to witchcraft". My parent's were totally accepting and encouraged me to explore all the religions of the world, which I have done, but I feel most destined to be an eclectic wiccan. I think that occult can be learned and it can be passed down, in my case I think it is within me/genetic. I need to work on developing my inner witch and channeling the women from generations before me.

Witch craft begins in my mom's family, no one knows exactly how long ago. My great grandmother was born in Panama as an orphan and was adopted at 13 to be a servant to a British - Jamaican family. She was a hustler (professional dancer, gold digger, fortune teller, doll maker, witch doctor!!) I have grown up hearing exotic stories of her and her life, she's my family legacy! Mysteriously, my grandma, my mother, and myself we raised to be witches... we just end up becoming them. My grandma was embarrassed of her mother ~ she wanted the perfect 1950s suburban life. She made my mom and aunts go to Catholic Church to fit in and be "normal". The nana I remember was a tea reader and a tarot reader, someone mystical.

My mom always read tarot, but only in recent years tap into our hereditary spirituality. She doesn't like to use the term "witch". I do like calling myself a witch ~ but I still keep it from people. I hate the stigmas surrounding our community.



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