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Name: DGK78
Location: Hell
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 19 Dec 2014

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Im 16, born and raised in Long Beach Cali. Currently living in El Paso Texas. Have a very shitty life.. Wanting to learn how to curse all those people that called me names and has been bullying my sisters and brother. I despise bullys.. To be honest i was never bullied but i have witnessed so many people bullying. But yet i was beaten by my parents and going through so much shit in my life. The reason why i want to learn black magic and curses is because I think its interesting and plus the fact that i want to put revenge on people that has hurt me and my sisters, brother, and my friends..! The main type of people i hate the most are people that are judgemental. I hate it when people are always judging.. YEAH IM A SATANIST..!! NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF AND LEAVE ME ALONEEE...!


My hobbies are skating, drawing, fighting, smoking weed, writing poems, hanging out with friends, playing my gutair, and getting high.

I wanting to start a screamo band... Im lead vocalist, we have a gutairist, and all we need is a bassist, and a drummer. If you want to talk more just email me @

I can be a loving person as long as you dont get on my nerves, talk shit, preach to me about religion, and talk to me like im stupid.. I have a really bad temper and a short fuse so dont fuck with me..

I love to be weird..!! I love people that are weird..!! If you are weird then i consider you my lover forever..!!


Im here for anyone that needs help.. If you want life advice then im the right guy to talk to. Just email me @


The band that inspired me to be a vocalist is Chris Motionless from Motionless In White..!!


I love to feel pain. Cutting is the only way to ease the pain that i have in my life.. If you ever meet me in real life, you will see a bunch of scars on my arms and wrists. I've tried killing myself so many times but has sadly never succeeded.. I've tried getting hit by cars, slitting my wrists, taking pills, overdosing on spice, and tried having my own foster parents beat me more than they already do.. Everyday of my life, i wish to be dead so that i can end my misery and end the pain. I just wish someone can help me.. But no one can.. With my conditions that im in, nobody can help me.. I have been in and out of mental hospitals, J.P.D. (juvee), foster homes, and many families.. Its just sad how nobody loves me.. But i really dont care anymore.. Im used to all this bullshit in my life..


Music has saved my life so many times.. Everytime when i listen to screamo music, thats the only time that i can express my feelings.. It also reminds me that im not the only one going through hell in my life..


I have been surrounded by death all of my life.. I've lost so many friends over the years from suicide, drug overdoses, and homicide.. I literally started giving on life after seeing my bestest friend die from him jumping in front of a car.. Like i could get over not knowing my birth parents, but like losing someone you love the most.. That is something i can not get over..


Blue= die

Yellow= your cool

green= i wanna cuddle

Purple= i will die for you

Red= i want you to kiss me

Silver= let's be friends

Gold= let's be close friend

Pink=lets cuddle

Orange= i owe you a kiss

Black= i want a hug

Rainbow = i really like you

White= im crushing on you

Brown= i love you


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