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Name: gothic4life
Birthday: Jun 8 1970
Location: Chicago
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 02 Dec 2014

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Hello everyone,

Thank you all for allowing me to join this very wonderful group, and I'm extremely grateful. Something about myself, huh? Well, I've been a "sensitive" for over 40 years now. I've dealt with some great spirits and not so great spirits. I'm a protector of child spirits, because I couldn't become a mom myself. I've gone to where I call "the dark, dreary, gloomy and negative places" to "rescue" children that were taken away at a young age ( I've come back with unexplained bruises, cuts and scratches when I go to fight for these poor children's freedoms) and help them cross over.

I've been a Wiccan even before I knew what that meant, because my dear mom (RIP) told me that things would happen while I was around that couldn't be explained away. No, I didn't climb walls, speak in tongues or anything like that, but when I became angry, the energy became electrified, like I were a bolt of lightening.

I'm happily married for almost 14 years ( Jan. 3rd is our Blessed Union), and my husband is also a Wiccan. We try extremely hard to help those that are still living and those that have passed on.

I've got a Facebook page ( which it's under Katherine Monroe, after my mentors and mom, and Marilyn Monroe) that I write "Beautiful Short Stories And Novels," which I'm going to begin part 5 of the "short story or novel. However, I do write someone's fantasy but beautiful short story upon request. I MUST add this, I don't write ANYTHING graphic or extremely explicit, sorry.

I love the music from the 50's, 60's, DEFINITELY the 80's, some groups from the 90's ( ESPECIALLY the original line up of the band called "Orgy," which I was "OrgyMomma" when they got a HUMONGOUS following. I'd stay online or on the phone trying to stop a young kid from committing suicide, which I was extremely successful, and I'm proud of that. I, even, thwarted a young girl from killing the entire band, and their significant others and families.

I'm currently starting to manage, on my own ( my first time being a band manager), a fantastic slow and some fast rap songs.

I will be perfectly honest, I ( my husband, Robert) have many medical problems, and we absolutely need someone to help us get healthy again, because (right now) I've got a medicinal pain pump that was implanted 2 1/2 yrs ago, and I'm having extreme difficulty with it. Right now, it's sticking out, because I've lost some weight ( by not eating properly) and it's extremely tender and causes me great pain. I also have severe debilitating migraines and a lot more pains. My husband, Rob, also suffers from 3 herniated discs that are very painful.

Um, we've got 5 people that have caused us financial, physical and emotional pain, and we desperately need help. We'll be glad to give you what we can for your help. For everything that they've done, please contact me on my Facebook account ( Katherine Monroe, which you can message me personally), or my personal email address.

Also, there's a great friend of mine, Ryan Shuck, that just quit talking to me, and I can't figure out why and that's hurting me deeply. Please, I am begging someone to help me out with Ryan and the other 5 people. I really need to know why Ryan would just quit talking to me without any explanation. We used to talk ( and flirt, LOL) every day and night, then it all stopped. I've been messaging him asking what I've done wrong, he'll read it and won't say a word back, and I'm wondering if one of the 5 people said something so bad about me to him, and they know we're great friends, and they lied about me. I'm so deeply hurt that I cry myself to sleep at night.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, love and help. May you be Blessed a million times over for helping us with everything, and we WILL give you what we can.

Blessed Be


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