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Name: skylergold5
Birthday: Dec 23 1998
Location: idk anymore
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 23 Jul 2015

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Hey sky here if anyone wants someone to talk to to release stress i'm your guy i love to listen to people i'm a awesome friend and will try to help you the best i can.


age: 16

likes:listen to people,videogames,blue,red,black,country music,classic rock and a good book to read when bored.

dislikes:people who are assholes,annoying people,people who think they are better then everyone else.

and i defintly don't like people thinking they know more than me?

if you want to be friends or have someone to talk to email me :-) i also HATE bullying with a passion the reason is because people made fun of me for being myself and for being a loving and caring person that i'am and they call me gay a fag because i respect girls and i will never talk dirty about them and i will NEVER treat them terriable, i'm a very respectful person to anyone who accepts me for who i'am . And by the way if you do any yo mama jokes on me don't cause then i will hate you for a very long time cause my mom is dead she died from cancer. if you want to know something new about me here it is i love making new friends i don't care what you are gay,straight,black,white,asian,i don't care if you are nice not a jerk and you will accept me for who i'am we will be great friends and if you need anyone to talk to message me i will love to listen to you and help you i'm a very caring person and if you have a problem with that or you think i'm weird i don't give a fuck. I'm glad there are good people out there it is really hard to come across people to trust and i'm glad that they trust me i wonder how many assholes is on this site if you are a asshole DON'T EMAIL ME i don't have the patients for assholes only people who are having a rough time or who wants to be friends can email me cause i love to talk to people and help out and make new friends so ya if you are a asshole stay away.If i email you it means i want to help you with your problems or i just want to make a friendly conversation so ya please don't be a jerk if i email you cause lot of people have been assholes about it just say "can you please leave me alone or i don't want to talk" and i will leave you alone. and who ever is reading this don't be shy to tell me how it is and if you want to chat with me and ask alot of questions go right a head i will answer your questions and be your friend unless you be a jerk about it then we will have problems but anything besides that ask away and tell me how my bio is. Now why are there stupid people why are they so damn stupid well here is the answer it is because they have nothing else better to do so they be stupid and retarded and just want to get the shit beat out of them and being silly is different from being stupid.

Trying to talk to my gf is really hard cause for one she is really hot and i'm surprised she said yes when i asked her out and if i say one thing that is dumb i'm standing there looking like a complete moron talking to her is like gambling with words say one thing i'm there looking like a idiot i wish i was not so damn nervous as hell ugh i feel like a dang jackass sometimes when i talk to her cause i have no idea what to say it feels as if I'm sitting down trying to figure out a goddamn very difficult math equation.

when i talk to really gorgous girls which trust me i will point it out if you ask i begin to jabber alot or not saying anything out of pure nervousness and no i don't talk to the bitchy kind i talk to the ones who are kind awesome and amazing to talk to.

status:i don't know i feel so alone so out of place everything i see i double guess it and wonder is this real or just a dream i carved in my head to think everything will get better i guess i will never know.

Now when i was walking around at a state wrestling tourement i saw lot of people with a girl thinking they are all bad ass cause over how hot she is and the girl don't care for the guy alk she cares for is the popularity which i say is similar to being a gold digger only dating the guy or girl for the popularity or money to feel good about them selves or too scared to even just be a lower person who is trust worthy and won't be a back stabber if any girls are reading this please know don't date a guy for his looks, money or popularity date a guy that you love and you want to spend the rest of your days with ik finding that kind of person is hard but keep lookin and never give up.

Eye for an eye,Blood for blood thats my motto so don't piss me off

If you kidnapped me, What will you do???

1) rape me

2) kill me

3) let me go

4) tie me down

5) tea party

6) make out

7) video games

8) movies

9) never let me go

10) poke

My life sucks no one seems to care for me except my gf but I barely don't get to see her and people just won't leave me alone or shut up I just want friends who won't make fun of me or call me names I just want trust worthy friends


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