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Name: SoraTamashi
Birthday: Aug 19 1999
Location: a place in VERY northern california
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 18 May 2015

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Personal Bio
I understand that my previous... Statements here may not have been too.. Detailed and may have been misunderstood. For this I apologize, and I rewrite this in hopes that it's more clarifying. Thanks for letting me know so that I could take time to fix this :)

My basic info:

My name is Sora Tamashi, I'm a fifteen year old half-dragon, half-human hybrid girl. (About 80% dragon, 20% human) I was born half dragon, not by means of spells or anything like that. (So don't tell me it's impossible to change your form by means of spells, because I didn't use spells, and also, there is a complicated way to change your form, by finding either a rip or a hole in the astral veil, and if you don't believe in that kind of stuff, well, i don't really have any other ideas besides nonstop training so you can become stronger, which i cannot guarantee will work). My father is full blooded dragon, my mother is a human. my name was given to me by my father, before he disappeared.

My powers and other info:

I have a knack for natural magic, and am In fact quite strong In it. I can control/consume/breathe all of the elements except earth, which includes, yes, fire, water, and air, but also consists of electricity, ice, shadow, and etc., which are a basic advanced form of the main three that I control. I am also working on taking the form of each element, but the most I've been able to do is bend the light around my body in a sort of mirror effect so that i simply "vanish" and become one with the air. Which kind of doesn't count. Don't ask why I can't control earth, because I don't really know. My theory is that it's either too solid or too alive, or perhaps I have to gain its respect first somehow. (Yes, I like to think that the elements have feelings and their own humane properties, and so far it seems I'm right.) I also have very powerful healing magic. That includes healing sickness, wounds, (broken bones, cuts, and the like) and lifting curses, if need be. The worst wounds I can heal are about three inches deep, three inches wide. (I do a lot of healing, thanks to my reckless friends.) I'm still working on getting to the even more super serious ones, but it's not exactly easy to find an injured person and heal them without a bunch of humans staring at you, and then the next thing you know, poof, you're in a government facility, being dissected and whatever else horrible things they like to do.

Anyway, enough about that. now I get to my original and important point here. My purpose as of late has been to amass an army of supernaturals and anyone who will join, to fight for our freedom, rights, and respect. THIS IS SERIOUS, NOT A ROLEPLAY, SO DON'T SAY IT IS CUZ THAT PISSES ME OFF. I apologize for my vulgar language, but honestly, sometimes that's the only way to get through to some people. Anyway, back to my original point here...

My main purpose:

I am gathering an army for the freedom and well being of supernaturals and other "evil" creatures. I and many others of our kind are tired of the demeaning things that we must do to get by in our lives. I am not trying to suppress humanity, as some of you may think. I am simply trying to find a way to reason with humans so that we may coexist peacefully.

plan of action:

We are going to try reasoning, and if worse comes to wear, well.. Lets not go there. I do not wish for anyone to get harmed, but if any of us are harmed or threatened in our state of being, immediate action will be taken. I cannot promise that no one against us won't be hurt. But that will only be the case with extreme measures, as in people actually physically assaulting us, which we will do our best to avoid. i can, however, promise that No innocent will be hurt. I am mainly concerned with facilities, such as A.W.T.O.K., that experiment on inhuman beings and then kill them off, like it's nothing.

Benefits to joining us:

Well, besides freedom and rights for inhumans and supernaturals, I can give you a share of dragon's power. If you're worried that this might change you or change your appearance, it won't unless you want it to. It may not seem like much, but a dragon's power is vast and the possibilities are virtually endless. If you don't want dragon's power, I can give you anything else you want, depending on if it is in my power, which shouldn't be a problem. I must clarify this, though. I AM NOT PROMISING THAT I CAN GIVE YOU ANYTHING YOU WANT. I am simply stating that I will do everything in my power to try.

I am accepting:

Anyone and everyone who will join. No one will be turned away, no one will be treated unfairly. You will be accepted wether you have magical powers or not. Everyone has a talent, and no matter what that talent is, it's special, and will be taken into high regard. Anything will help our cause. Humans, vampires, dragons, half-breeds (of any kind), werewolves, demons, shape-shifters, angels, archangels, elves, the list is literally endless. Whoever you are, if you are willing to fight for the cause, you're in. I also thought I might add, as a backup, those who are strong in healing magic are greatly appreciated.

Other miscellaneous information:

I SWEAR NO HARM WILL COME TO ANYONE! IN THE CAUSE OR NOT. Like i said before, I cannot promise that there won't be fighting, and I apologize if I'm overstepping or scaring anyone away by saying this, but it would be better if you were prepared and willing to fight. If you aren't, thats okay, you still have a place and a purpose in this plan if you wish to have one. i will categorize two groups- fighters and non-fighters. for some of the non-fighters, if you wish to have a place in the planning of action and being in charge of the main proceedings of whatever else we may need, let me know. this goes for fighters as well. i simply state that its better to have backup plans. Some people (the government mainly) are all too keen to start wars. Which we will try to avoid.

In other notes, everyone in the army is going to be treated fairly, and honestly. No one being has more power than another. We are all equals, after the same thing. Therefore, everyone's opinion will be heard. I will lead you, but only as a guide, a loose tie to keep and bring things together, not rule you. After all, we're fighting for freedom here!

I will have enough for the whole army in about a month, which is when we can begin to discuss meeting for "battle" plans.

In other info, if you wish to join or have any questions, my email address is , and you can reach me there. My mail on this site (the spells of magic site) is unfortunately maxed out, so you can only reach me on my email..

If you wish to join, email me your name, your race, your talents, wether you are willing to fight or not, if you're interested in a certain position, and, if you have any, your powers. Age and if you're a boy or a girl helps too, but you don't have to tell me if it's too weird for you. You can also tell me why you're joining the cause, but I think the above says it all. If you see fit, you may also tell me if you do or don't want dragon power. Anyway... If I've left anything out, let me know. I look forward to new recruits, so don't be shy! If you join, I'll let you know what our plans during the action are all about! Oh, and also, it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell anyone and everyone you can about the cause. we need as many members as possible. id also like to add that magical training will also be done for those who want or need it. Don't be shy about messaging me! Thank you!!



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