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Name: saa258
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Hello ! I look forward on being in this website ! Please call me Kou or Gou! Please to meet you! I'm a witch in training that's why I'm here 'cause I heard there's so many amazing people that knows witchcraft. Believe or not, I have a blood of a witch in my veins but sad my so "amazing" Grandma... Let's just say she didn't and she doesn't like magic or anything related to witchcraft. I'm planning when I'm finally out, I'm going to my great Grandmother and read her book, maybe there I could learn and as if she's the one who's teaching me! I'm kinda bipolar, and I'm quite quiet when I'm the outside world. I don't talk and I have a straight face on. I don't like socializing but I will love to have friends since I don't have any, since there's problems. And I wish if I ever had a friend or friends, they will accept me for who I am.

Okay, enough about me! I have 4 siblings. The eldest is a male, he's a so amazing that I might die! And what I meant about that amazing is a total prick and a son of a bitch if I may add! The second one is a female, she's so sweet that I wanna bite her! And what I meant about that is she's annoying that I want to cut her throat and let it bleed! The next to me is a male or a female? I don't know. I bet my little sibling is so sweet and kind! And I'll treat em like a ruler! The last one is a male too, he's such an angel! And what I mean is, yup! That's right! He's a total demon, no! Lucifer, no! Worser than him! He's Peter Piper! Dad is such an asshole that I want to shove a tree up his disgusting smelly ass! Oh and Mom, she's such a saint that I wanna strangle her to death! Basically, I don't get along! But I fake it anyway! I think I will only get along with my lil siblin'! But overall I still care for them, I don't know why but is this because they're my family? Or is it because they're humans? And plus, I swore I will try all my best to protect the world from everyone and everything! Hell, I'll even sell my soul to Lucifer if I have to! I guess you guessed why I became I witch right? But that's not all. I can't always depend on him. If I always depend on him then I'll be weak and frail since he follows if I really want something. I think I'm gonna hide his name as Kira. Because he's the light of my world.

Anyway! Let's not create a shipping shall we? Someone I know is always shipping me with everyone. Sigh, why am I always the target? T-T I hope you got even bored in my bio! Ladies and gentlemen, may you have a great day. If it's night time and you're gonna sleep, sweet dream! Fufufufu! >:3


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