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Name: Tevin_Uchiha
Birthday: Dec 22 1997
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 07 Jan 2015

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Hello people that are reading this for whatever reason. My name is Tevin it's pronounced just like Kevin just what a T it's not that hard.. (people get my name wrong some how..) A little about myself. I love anime like every human should. My top 5 would be Naruto (of course if you haven't noticed my name.), Fairy Tale (Gajeel is amazing!), Blue Exorcist, Bleach (I'm rewatching it since I lost track of the episodes.), and finally I would say... Attack on Titans (love how it's an anime that will kill the main character lol.) But in general I like most anime. I'm 16 a junior in high school and I do wrestling as a sport. (Don't really know why I'm saying all this..)

Now to get into what I do... I follow a branch of Satanism that I will only reveal to those that I would consider friends.. I've been practicing for about a year now and I'm pretty advanced in a few categories ex. Healing, a touch of black magick, telekinesis, a bit of pyrokinesis, etc. I'm really interested in learning elemental magick so off you have experience with it and don't mind sharing your knowledge, it would be nice if you could help me learn that. My goal is to learn as many kinesises as possible starting with the easiest telekinesis then electrokinesis and continue to work my way up. I'm currently working on Astral Projection which I haven't gotten anywhere with yet so if you think you can help my with that feel free to mail me.. Umm.. Not sure what else to say... I love music BMTH is the best band ever. I'm also a really open person that is bored most of the day because I procrastinate a lot.. I think that's all people that read or skimmed this entire thing for whatever reason.. (Lol)

Kik: ask me if you wanna talk..

P.S. I do get easily offended when I see people saying things like "Demons are evil", "I'm being molested by an incubi or sucubi", "Demons are trying to take my soul", etc. I think it's bull and if there is such a diversity on this site people should watch their tongue... Just my personal opinion..


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