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Name: DragonSage
Birthday: Feb 16 2000
Location: Beyond the mountains within the magical trees
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 31 Jan 2015

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Hello I am DragonSage an Apprentice dragon sage who is already a dragon master accompanied by my guide and friend Desperexous you may call me Azure or Axuron. I know many things mainly in the field of psychics, ESP and metaphysics. Know quite a bit about dragon magick and also know many things about Dragonology. Who am I? I am just an old spirit living a human experience wanting to awaken all the sleeping sheep..

Why am I here? To look for people either masters or students I seek others not exactly interested in its others functions its to full of fakes and fluffs, do you consider me one? maybe because I said Dragon Master and aprentice dragon sage.. hmm not quite I dont talk to them here in the ?physical plane?in fact this is just a boring plane not physical, yes I do talk to dragons and Desperex through the Astral plane, within their dragon realm. I seek many people mainly because I am the Leader of a group called Dragon Heart, may the heart trinity be in your heart I wish you wisdom, power and courage :) chat with me if yah want but be specific and dont waste my time... please..

Draconic code of honour:

In all that you do, consider it benefit or harm to yourself, family and clan

Your duty is always to yourself, your family, and your clan

Always be honest with yourself and others. Let them know you will not accept anything but honesty in return.

Always strive to be kind to others. When this is not possible, always strive to be just.

Give your bond only after great consideration of how it may affect your duties to yourself, family and clan. When you do give your bond, it should carry the weight of a blood oath.

Plegde friendship and aid those who prove worthy and honorable.

Work to strengthen your friends, family and clan.

Never pass on anything that you have not personally witnessed or verified. Never give unproven hearsay the weight of truth.

What you have hold. Let no one take from you, your family nor your clan, that which is legally or rightfully yours.

Never neglect your family, friends or Clan. Always have the fierceness of a dragon in their defense and always make sure they are provided for.

Offer forgiveness to those who committed wrongs against you, your family, friends or clan. When offering forgiveness, do so openly and honestly. For those so grudgingly is not forgiveness, but deceit.

Always remember that fury and excitement can mask the truth. Keeping ones head in a situation is virtue.

Always have respect and honour for all dragons, and the dragons of the land. For they will assist you in your endeavors if you do.

Dignity, a gracious manner and good humor are to be admired and cultivated. For they will aid you in bringing honor to yourself. Your family and your clan.

Always respect yourself as a child of the dragons.

Always have pride, but not arrogance, in yourself your appearance and your position in your clan.

Always do your best in all things. Be gracious of self praise, without bragging, and self forgiveness when warranted.

When you gain authority, use it carefully and with wisdom. Always remember authority will grow with experience; as a priest/priestess of the clan, use it with care and dignity.

Power does not come with authority, but can be given. Be wary how to use any power given to you. For power over something does not give you the authority to control it.

When your life is done, return to the dragons and stand before them with pride, Not arrogance. For a life lived with dignity, and honor is one to be prideful of.

This is the code I stand and live for if interested in the drachen or draconic path speak to me :)


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