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Name: CelticCat
Birthday: Feb 4 1990
Location: Oregon
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 29 Nov 2015

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

To everyone that might message me : I'm still luring my craft so I don't know a lot of answers to your questions, If I can help I will. <3

About me : I thoroughly define myself as a witch, a student of the Old Ways the Old Religion if you will a celebrant of nature, a child of the God and Goddess and an explorer of the ways of my ancestors. I've been called a Celtic Witch, Green Witch, a Kitchen Witch and eclectic. I guess I'm all of those, I enjoy studying the many different facets of all religions, and when I find something that resonates I refashion it to fit my own personal path. It wasn't anything I planned or just decided. And for a long time, it wasn't anything of which I was even aware. It just always was. The Goddess called me to Her. Even as a child I did pagan/witchy things. I talked to the moon and adored Her as if She were my mother. I took notice and relished the changing of the seasons, chatted with animals and plants, even rocks, and trees, all the while feeling quite certain within myself that this was the correct way to behave and believe. Even so, I chose not to reveal any of this to my family, nor would they have accepted it if I had. In this space of time, I feel that I'm where I am on my path to continue studying, and learning the Old Ways.

Star sign :Aquarius

Chinese Zodica : Horse

Magick I'm I nterested In :

  • Herbal.

  • Celtic.

  • animal.

  • Natural.

  • elemental.

What I Can Do/Am :

  • Dreamscaping.

  • Herbal.

  • Communicating with Animals.

  • I can feel auras.

  • I can feel when spirits are around me.

  • I'm a empath just like my mother, and her mother before her.

My spirt animals : The Cat, and the Crow. They protact me in my day to day life where ever I go they follow.

Quote : Things happen for a reason, even though you might not always know what that reason is.


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