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Name: Macros
Location: Germany
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 28 Sep 2015


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"Just a curious guy with a weird kind of logic"
Well there's not much to say about me, I've been practicing the craft for some years now, have learned my tricks but then again, when I look forward, I see that I've not learned anything yet! I have many hobbies and like trying new things. I find everything interesting! Well enough about me, get to know the rest on chatter or messages!
To the newcomer!
Greetings, newcomer to the craft. Before you start sending messages here and there asking for help or flood the chatter with questions like "how do I cast this spell?" take some time to read the following list, it will save you some precious time, I promise!
  • Learn the Basics
    Magic is something infinite and unconceivable, we, as humans, after thousands of years of practicing and experimenting, have 'decided' on some guidelines to make everything 'easier'. Those guidelines we call the basics and they are your foundation to being a 'successful wizard'. If you are passionate and dedicated on practicing the craft, take your time and focus on them following the next steps:
    learn them
    master them
    love them
  • Roam the forums
    Yes! Besides the chat and the spells section, there is also a forum section on the site. You can find many interesting articles there, lessons, ideas, philosophies, questions. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, juice or milk and read, study and learn.
  • Chill at the library
    Did you get a heavy head trying to find something on the forums? I suggest you try the articles section of the site, which is really organised so that you can find your way very easily. Make sure to check it out!
  • Ask questions
    We all have questions, it's part of our nature as humans; after you've taken some time studying the basics and other topics on the forums, the chaos in your mind about magic, will be in a kind of order. Now your questions will be more on spot. Now is the time to start asking!
Word of advice
The craft is not all about reading, studying and spells. It is so much more than that! Now that you have a good foundation, start practicing, again and again untill it becomes natural and remember, always be curious!


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