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Name: Nahualli108
Location: Aztl?n
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 03 Nov 2014

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Hello, my name is Quiahuitl (kee-ya-weet), this actually is not my legal name, but I do wish to change it to that eventually, It means rain in the language of Nahuatl. I am a Xicano American who practices Hoodoo and Brujer?a (Mexican witchcraft) at the age of 16. Although I practice these forms of magic, they are not my religion, instead I will make a small section in my Bio to explain my spiritual path. I have practiced Brujer?a for about half a year now.


Nahua Reconstructionism: For a while I had practiced Asatr? due to the European ancestry of my Dads side of the family. But I was not satisfied and felt empty. I looked torwards my mothers Mexican roots and read the Codex Borgia and studied Aztec Philospohy and Religion, I now honor the gods of prehispanic Mexico as a bit of a loner in a Catholic world of Latinos.

Buddhism:I follow two religions at once, but I practice them seperatly for they are not to be mixed.

Pantheism/nature worship:many of the gods of Mexico are based off the forces of nature, and I do feel spiritual awe at Mountins, Storms, and the Universe.

La Santa Muerte: A folk saint in Mexico who is Mestiza, combining Aztec in Mictlan and Catholic Virgin Mary.

Naturalism and skepticism:I reject alternative Medicine as harmful and risky, I have a belief in spirits, but that does not mean I don' have a sense of skeptical thinking about them.


Catholic: although I pray to Folk Catholic saints (Santa Muerte y Virgen De Guadeloup?), I pray to them as Aztec deities.

Fluffy/New Age: Aztec Reconstructionism is not a very light faith, it's gods are bloody, fearsome, and warlike as their people, I also have much disagreement with New Age interpretations of Native American cultures by white washing what makes them human.

Wiccan:I respect Wiccans, seeing as they make this sites majority and are generally a peaceful religion, but Hoodoo and Brujer?a are very separate from Wicca and its practices and beliefs.

Vodou/Voodoo:Hoodoo may sound like Vodou, but they are totally different things. Hoodoo is Folk Magic while Voodoo is an Afro-carribian religion.


Music:Black Metal, Old School Hip Hop, Musica pre-hispanica, downtempo, IDM

Hobbies:Astronomy, writing, macabre/horror, travel,geography

Food:Curry, Tacos (yeah I am stereotypical in that sense), anything chicken ( ?me gusts el pollo!)

TV:MLP(FRIENDSHIP BRO!), Avatar the last Airbender, American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Mystery science theater 3000 (absolute favorite)


SJWs: They think they have it tough when In fact they don't, and speak for PoC, when they do not represent all of us, for we are all individuals with our own beliefs.

Reggaeton:It sounds terrible and every Latino should be ashamed that it came from our culture.

Mexica Movement: not only are they racist, but they are just as bad as plastic shamans by claiming a new "fluffy bunny" spirituality where Aztecs are Monotheist and sacrifices never happened.

Dogs Barking: I don't know why, but to this day it has irritated the hell out of me.


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