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Name: devon239
Birthday: Jan 4 2001
Location: Tennesee
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 09 Nov 2015

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Anyways I dislike human reactions

And judgments.

If I could be born in a world where people didn't

Judge others I would pick that world, there is no such thing as a good excuse in my mind

There is no such thing as an accident

But there is an accidently impurpose, what is the truth when we find out the truth is a lie or what is a lie without knowing it's a lie if the truth is a lie then both are a lie if you are not sure and you thought you had been lied to then the lie was the truth you were to scared of my point is there is no truth without knowing everything but there are no lies without knowing nothing lies,truth make 1 thing the future the truth is the thought of being correct 100% lies are selfish even more so when you say you never lie

That I's not impossible but it has been made to be impossible, when you say that is the truth think is it or Is it a lie because both can make a lie or the truth

The whole point is you have a choice on everything that's why I dislike humans

They say it's the truth but it might have been a lie lies make the future bonds, when the truth make trust for each other

Mistakes: a mistake is something not do be done

How do you learn from your mistakes if you don't know right from wrong

Right and wrong wrong means that you made the bad choice over the good

When right means the exact opposite

Right and wrong are common sence to everyone right and wrong are excuses to what the world thinks of them but what if the wrong choice can be turned into good

It can America killed thousands to become a democracy and stop slavery

Slavery was another selfish way of people to make money for their own desires

Many slaves died of dehydration or over working themselves to the point of death

Racism was created by both white and blacks

Dying was considered a way out in slavery

All of these wrong decisions led to making a good one but now people are to selfish to deserve a democracy

Note: I do not hate humans only there selfish ways


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