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Name: tiffypop
Location: New York
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 04 Sep 2015

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Personally, I feel that life is what you make of it. This is what I've chosen as my path to give me a way. I'm the typical depressed girl trying to win the battle between her and her inner demons. Unfortunately, I have not gotten anywhere close to winning, but I will not give up. Life is.. Life. Give yourself good intentions. I, personally, would love to be a writer. For all I am is a broken soul with much to say and feelings to pour out every day. If I am deprived of what I want, there is nothing, nothing that will stop me from doing it anyway. I'm very abnormal. To prove such, I will tell you a secret. I have two favorite words. Yes, favorite words. As if the humans of today could not get any weirder, you see a girl say that she has favorite words? Ah. But, these words are of some significance to me. The word unique. This word, this word describes who I am and who I'd like to become. To be unique is to be yourself, different. To be an individual because not one person is exactly like you, not one. Now, the other word that I favorite is vivid. This word not only shows truth, but it shows life. Every day is difficult. Very difficult. The images you see are nearly perfectly in view. To be vivid is to be seen. This is life. Very very unique and vivid. No world could be just as ours. What a wonderful place to spend your years. All of them. Think. Just think! From the day we are born, to the day we die is spent on one planet. One planet out of all others. One universe out of all others that could be out there. It hasn't not been proven, has it? So, think about it. Some people stay in one city for their entire lives when there is so much to see. Imagine that! Never seeing all the wonderful things out there and seeing all you've ever seen. Greater things have yet to be seen. Much greater things and we've seen only one universe. One galaxy. One planet! That is all we're to see unless we look farther. Deeper. Now, don't think literally. Think metaphorically. Think bigger than the eyes can see. Think. Exactly ! Thinking is in your mind, so think. Thinking is what can bring the next greatest idea. This is our generation and all we know is our universe. Let alone, all the others that could exist. Think.


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