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Name: Zeisun
Birthday: Oct 23 1977
Location: OKC, OK
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 15 Oct 2014

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I am a Greek & American Tribal Pagan. I have practiced various forms of magic for years. I am also learned in nearly 19+ different languages. I especially appreciate more ancient languages. I am a collector of really aged codices & I greatly appreciate writing.

I greatly appreciate making new friends.

I offer my expertise with varying levels of discretion to those whom ask.


& speaking of the maturity of the invaders, things have not changed much with context the grandchildren of the invaders. I was in a chat session that merely consisted of 2 moderators, kts & lindacash420, & I mentioned that the typical people of the culture could not address the topic of American Tribal oppression using seeming tact outside of suggestion of a "so what" type of attitude & I got kicked out of the chat. I had just woke up & somebody had said something, so I considered mention of the topic to the moderators, thinking there was some confidence there.

I swear, it's similar a bank that steals your money because you're tribal & bank tellers that smile at you regardless. I'm not sure what the problem is really, aside of an inbred guilt that gets passed genetically as well.

Tribals were told that if we took the land that consisted of Oklahoma that we could live tranquilly & we wouldn't all have to fight, then the next year they had the Land Run. That wasn't so long ago, & it should not be forgotten, not at all. A lot of people remained Tribal thus far. I am not sure why the concept is difficult to acknowledge when people are still talking about the cultures of opposite side of the planet. Maybe people still think this is India.

A store clerk replied to me the other day, "Are you having a nice evening" & it was 2 in the afternoon. Maybe people are lost to have so much difficulty finishing their 'race'. I think people need directions to the airport.

Priori it's suggestion that I am starting trouble, it's context that I accept the risks of talking to people concerning the context & while it could be considered that I am mostly tactful contextually, I am as well worthy accomodations, to be ironic with context the use of that word.

You could suggest that I am a curse, though it's a profound gift to humanity in the long run.

It's not my point to start trouble, or even to keep this profile post, though contextually my point should be made in all its' zest of flavor. :)


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