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Name: PhyscoIzzzy
Location: Camp Half Blood
Gender: Female
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Information About Me :


Hy guys, My name is Izzy, My zodiac sign is a Capricorn. Haha born mature. Anyways, I'm Wiccan and I have lots of history with Christianty due to me and my family growing up in that religion. Besides being Christian, I always felt like I was missing something and in reality I was. Anyways this is kind of hard to explain but I don't know how I came across wicca It may have been the shows, or a friend, or this site (probably school and a spell on here) It was 3 years ago so i forgot, it almost seems as though it was meant to be. So anyways as I started learning more on wicca, I started reading more, studying more, and becoming more wiccan, I found this site and so fourth and finally I tried a ritual and it clicked. Ever since then I have been following the wiccan path, the wiccan pantheons that I am extremely interested in is Greek, Roman, and Celtic, but the pantheon and god I first connected with was Hecate ( greek goddess of magic, witchcraft, moon, and night, and crossroads, she helped demeter find persephene and also knows light and dark, she is seen as maiden, mother, and crone) and somehow ever since I followed the wiccan way and felt connected to the greek olympians. So in a way you can say im kinda Hellenstic! Anyways, thats about it! But feel free to message me if you nees help on want help on the following ( spells- note i dont do any i will tell you how you can do spells, and certain ingrediants) (Chants, Mythology, answers, begginning magic, greek, and roman mythology, dreams, numerology, zodiacs, horoscopes, and kitchen witching, along with knot magic) If you don't follow these guidlines i will block you, report you, or just not answer, also no Flirting!!!! Thank ya.

Studies that I Do :







Greek mythology

Roman mythology


Kitchen witching


Knot magic





All wiccan rules/ethics

Zodiac signs


Year and a day study for first degree


All about Capricorn :


Capricorn is the 3 earth sign. Capricorns need to succeed and are very driven in everything they do, they need financial security as well as emotional. They are extremely oriented to business and career. Ey are Patient and loyal but extremely emotional, if they think they failed you don't want to be there for Capricorn will be cold and rigid. Ey have amazing self disipline and success in work, although as kids they are very joyful they look older and immature as they age, many Capricorn teens and kids are not scared to stand up for at they need and want. Capricorns are usually very wealthy and usually make more money in all of the signs besides Taurus.

Blessed be everyone. Love ya'll

***Things about Wicca and paganism ***


Wicca and paganism isn't a path. It's a lifestyle, an oath, a secret. The religion's people are known to have been chosen by the gods, whatever the case is it is a path that should be honored. It is us who walk and go through pain for our religion, it's us who were earth attuned, and now its all coming back. The gods are there every step if the way, even in light, even in dark, it's the place where it's a sanctuary and a safe place. When things go wrong our religion is there carrying us on a ride, backing us up, and healing us. We are the fighters, the hopers, the dresners, the knowledge, and most of all we are the children of the gods.

Within our oath we keep our life balanced, if something is great we consider it an accomplishment from the gods and the work we have given, if something s wrong we also believe that it is a reason to change and look at what were doing. We follow the old ways and what we do affect's our religion's view, and future. We are true to ourselves for were all divine, were all gifted, were all children.

''Knowledge is never obtained, but gained, knowledge is just a word and we will never have knowledge for in the end we realize how little we have gained''


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