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Name: Eklektik
Location: Asheville NC
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 03 Oct 2014

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I'm a neophyte who has been interested in Wicca. I've been through so much for several years. I've been heartbroken for quite some time and hope to find solace in the spiritual realm. I grew up in a supposedly Christian environment, but have a hypocritical family who caused me great suffering. As a child I developed an interest in spells, witches, and the supernatural. I would consider myself to be a Christian Wiccan. I'd like to explore this in depth. It's probably no coincidence that I formed ideas along these lines at such a young age, as I descend from Albanian gypsies, and many women in our family have natural psychic gifts. I cannot control what I "see", things come to me in three ways. I named them myself as a young person...flashes, visions, and developments. Flashes are usually insignificant, but I almost see a photo in my mind of something about to happen that would seem unlikely. Visions usually come just before I awaken. They are more significant by far and reveal a situation or event about something important to me or a loved one. Developments are warnings, and the most significant typically. They begin with me having a feeling something is wrong but it can take a couple of days of focusing to get a clear message. The two most significant developments I've experienced concerned the 9/11 and my great nephew's diagnosis of a rare, particularly deadly form of childhood leukemia. They were able to start treatment early, and, consequently, he is among the small percentage to survive. I am presently studying tarot readings and doing well because of my intuitive nature. I am a creative person... Writing and visual arts. I used to teach English at the middle school, high school, and ultimately college levels. My channels have been almost blocked until recently due to a crime that occurred in my life.. (CDV that turned to attempted murder charges eventually). Yes, I saw this coming, and was within a couple of days of setting my escape plan into motion. This resulted in estrangement from my family, who simply ddidn't want to deal with it. I'm ready to get back on track, hone my natural abilities, and explore that which has always interested me. I'm a 47 year old southern girl, have a fiance, like myself overall, and embrace my uniqueness. But there's plenty of room for self-improvement. So, here I am.


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