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Name: andykoh
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 09 May 2017

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Status :online. Powers : wind

I have been studying different types of things since I'm 6 years old ,I'm now 13 years old.its been around. 7 years.i practice meditation since 7 years old I do spiritual exercises,I can use different type of power/abilities.i should know more than most of you thus trusting me will be a good thing I have Immense amount of chi and I have a fortune reading ability.I don't know how but I have it, I start to notice being able to control the wind by a small bit at 9 years old and my powers increase until now even when I'm 13 years when I create a strong wind, purposely can be able to push down a small tree. I can use it when i wanted to,without failure.i can control it to help me to a great extent which can break the weather forecast by making and stopping friend ,have the powers of the water she can control it but have some difficulties. We can combine our abilities and create storms great enough to create floods around the areas.its quite powerful and we can still do that as we please in less than a minute.As I said from all this I have learned almost all kinds of spells and can create them or you can call cast it,without any materials.this is breaking the law of physic ,nature and everything.i will be using my powers for good ,it's kinda weird for me to literally have proof as my wind ability can be used in a split second thus I have a valid fast proof that works all the time,never once fail.thus this is my status after so many years.if you have any problems you can mail me ,I have quite a lot of experience spiritually and magically thats it for 2015

2013:I am andy i am 12 years old currently and i have some magic related to weather ,i can control the weather in ease with just my mind or can do it with the hand which is more effective.i learn chi energy ,i meditate ,i have the chakras,i can make psi balls and some basics ,i have very small ability of telekenisis and i can control the elements of wind and water not that much with fire (pyrokenisis)i learnt a few spells and i can work something without spells too with other ability

2015 : I Gained a strong control with my powers and is able to create strong winds instantly and stopping it at will

2016: I am able to fully control my power at will with just my eyes, i am able to sense life forms/ human/ animal around me ( 15 km radius )

2017: I am now 15 years old , my "'magic" has gotten weak probably because I stop thinking about it and I have stopped believing but , it is still real though because magic is controlled by yourself and it's just an extension of you , to get my magic powers back on track, I am going to start practicing magic .


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