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Name: transgender9
Location: south east asia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 02 Nov 2014

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Some about me:

=studying topics of: UFOlogy,Magic,Bible Conspiracies/Exposes, Mysterious creatures, & fashion magazines

=Nature exploration especially virgin forest,waterfall,beaches where i could met Alien Nordic God/desses especially Enki(who is Ptah in egypt & Shiva in Hindu) & Goddess Isis Astarte(who is aprhodite in greek & Inanna in Sumerian)

=drinking liquor to help my astral contact with the Orion Gods(and due to the fact am brought up in a born again christian school & am in a "christian infested" country because i always ran away from school & drink to relive heartaches the school pastors/priest they have inflicted on me,all because they discovered that am into occult & recognize the existence of a beautiful goddess & a handsome god aside from being gay, also born again christians are much more anti gay than catholics).I also love drinking while chatting & playing computer games

=i enjoy meditating that am in a paradise infront of a statue of the God in various forms,it would be great if am with them, i more trust the nordic races rather than the human race which have enslaved & abused me.i also love meditating my obelisk shaped lapiz lazuli, Citrine, and obsidian crystals(i like bringing their energy on my astral temple.also my amethyst.)

=my favorite daytime is when its raining & the sun is up.when this happens i go to my mom's garden & enjoy in the rain while imagining golden light from the sun blessing me(or the rainbow colors filling me if a rainbow formed,since we are elevating now to 4th or 5th dimensions,some about 5 beautiful colors are added to our world ).its a plus if am in a forest with running spring,i have experienced it already when am in the forest raining & sun still up that i felt in my heart the horned god is calling that led me to go to a place,& the temperature of the rain got warmer

=last night i dreamed and sow the angel/demon Celo. He has medium length curly hair,well built body, and very handsome!! He summoned a reptilian alien and killed it. He offered sex but i still want to know more about him,its a pleasure to meet you Celo

=honestly, am not really expert yet about conjuring/casting/or any "magic" so i can't "cast/teach" something for you. but i tried sometime when it rain suddenly & raining can be a symbol of the God(Sky) copulating with the Goddess(rain dropping on earth) so i placed my rose quartz of me & masturbated & then meditated of love surrounding me and expanding until the whole earth & when i opened my eyes some pinkish mist or foggy energy like the rose quartz crystal are around the room's atmosphere. Its awesome!! Try it!!

=regularly visits / / / and (this site shows what my gods and goddesses look like)

=to those asking if i already went sex-change & if i already have vagina and boobies, well am not really transgender because i didnt undergo any kind of surgery, want to be natural & show everybody that not all gays are beautiful because of going under the knife, in fact i want to keep my male genital to represent the god aspect while being like girl to represent the goddess aspect


=If you hate gays,your an anti LGBT community,& says am gross and anything else, then pls dont message me because i have heard enough,i have suffered enough,i have endured milions of undeserving pain from your discriminations. am a peaceful loving person & didnt do anything to you so pls leave me alone

=i dislike "mind control","New World Order","The Vatican,and anything that prevents a human from its freedom to advance there vibrational rate and occult powers. I have been forced to church since very young & be even as an altarboy,the born again christian school in my junior years forced every student to recite thousands of scriptures(failing to the memorizationa gets a failing grade).When i become an adult & i matured enough to be like a transgender,i was shy already to go to church because of judgemental eyes from church goers but the "bible scare" they have implanted on my mind remained (like practicing magic goes to hell,god hates gays & should be put to death,thou shall not make vengeance & defend thyself its the lords,don't have premarital sex, ect ect ect) so even though i would like to study magic or see new age books in the bookstore,am afraid to do it maybe "god a.k.a jesus will punish me".when i tried to,i felt very very guilty of myself & ask thousands of forgiveness to these god maybe a punishment will be inflicted on me.this is the mind control the christians has placed on me.its nearly 2 decades only after i realized that even following "jesus' words" didnt really change my life at all & its still full of badluck,sadness,& emotional disturbance,so i then went becoming an atheist.even when still atheist & didnt yet begin study magic then something in my life is changing already,life become a little better, no more huge chains of bad luck,i felt relieve & protected , but something is till lacking.its just last 2009 i began studying about energies,chakras,magick,extraterestrials, and different blogsites about anti-christians .i tried to practice during my early teens but ended shortly cos am in a bible infested country.if only no one have stopped from seeking the god/dess path before,then maybe i should been an advance right now.Time money, & lot of energies of mine are wasted becos of the bible

="DARKNESS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE" we protest the child molesters of the catholic church & their self made "canon law" to save themselves from prosecution

=the creators & founders of this website ARE ILLUMINATI SIGNED ! ! just notice !! because they want to be more powerful than you, advance than you even if you view yourself as very expert. Their rules here in their website are very blatant as for their favorite "gagging" for THEY ARE INTO MIND CONTROL!! YOU CAN BE MORE POWERFUL AND STRONGER WHETHER YOUR GUY OR GIRL THAN THE FOUNDERS AND SO CALLED MODERATORS AND "HIGH PRIEST/TESSES" OF THIS WEBSITE. and why do i have an account here if am saying this? Because they have done many human sacrifices in order for this website to be the only top and popular "magic" website, so currently no other magic website with chatroom really outlasted this,the internet web is controlled by dark evil bloodlines anyway..I have been long around this website & have created & see my accounts come & go BUT THIS APPLIES ALSO TO ITS "TOP MODERATORS", in which i notice many of them have quit/disappear as they too cannot stand the super strictness, even if declaration of titles to them as such as "knowledgeable" and "adept". In fact, it is even the ugliest "mailing device" on the whole wide web, imposing a "reply limit" unlike yahoo mail gmail or any other @mail.What the fuck the reason why would they limit our ability to reply, so that create another account then, that they can use unused old accounts as thoughtforms??



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