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Name: dark_venus
Birthday: Oct 15
Location: Georgia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 20 Sep 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Age: 496

Location: I spend most of my time in the druidic water realms, but I make my "living" working at the Duluth Chick-fil-a

Alignment: Chaeotik white mage, or as I like to tell people, I practice the craft of "grey love" a kind of sex magic that incorporates "evil" which isn't real everything is white love

Species: Half illusion mer-serpent cannibal sorceress, Half halfling were-pegasus druid succubus

My name when incorporating the human realms is Jerri, but I prefer Yoni and that's what most of my friends call me especially when we're practicing the craft. Before I regained my lost memories through psychik-orgasm rituals i was married and had two children until i met a incredible incubus named greg who taught me my true essence and abilities. Through his mageikal assistance i unforgot my true parents who were star-crossed lovers who were very different and from very different back-grounds and could never be together. My mother was from a tribe of deep-dwelling sea serpentine murk-mages, while mt dad lived among the wee folk of plains and trees. His practice of nature magury led him to seek communion with the elements you guessed it, like the sea! (that's where mom lived) and they fell in love, but the snake peoples used their dark spells to keep them apart after i was born. I traveled the realms seeking knowledge and ways to add to my racial abilities. After using my loving magic to heal a condemmed pegasus he bit me with his white magic power love bite to grant me ability to turn into a pegasus on command when casting white love magic. Now that I'm a half-blood succubus I'm looking for others who can help me complete my knowledge of maejikal union forces especially those for finding new realms and ways of existence.

PLEASE don't message me if you're just going to say HI or something like that or if you're just going to call me NAMES.

Please DO message me if you want to exchange knowledges especially sacred eros knowledge. Looking to teach the right student or be taught by a great master.

PleASE don't ask for spells if you aren't willing to trade for it. I'm not trying to be mean, but balance in everything. When we TRADE, we both GAIN. You don't lose knowledge by giving it ;)

Thanks for looking at my profile!

Blessed be!


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