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Name: Asmodeus2
Gender: Male
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RIP IMPRISONED18 u will be missed.........

I am the God of Creation and balance, message me only if you want to be friends, i do not cast spells for anyone, i will only help those in need, or are willing to accept the help i am offering, no i will not turn you into a new creature, no i will not make your life better then it is now, i am only here to be friends, if you do not want to then thats on you, i can say this much if you are a true friend then when i create a new universe then i will include you as well, this world is filled with sooo much greed, corruption, and imbalance that i have been forced to awaken and i say this to all you who abuse your power beware for the God of creation is coming for you, and will correct what you have done and what you are doing, if you do not want to be on my bad side then i say you should be bowing down to me and praising me as the God of creation and respect me for i am the one that is responsible for your lives if you want you can really do anything you wish but know this i am taking back my magic that i set loose on this universe for the reason of demolishing this universe, i can say this much as well those who do not bow to me will be punished, and to those who want to help me then so be it aid me in creating a new universe and fast i have it all in mind, and for those who like to use magic the new universe will be better then this one there will be more magic, and power to obtain there rather then here, i know all the moves you will make and everything but are you ready to know it yourself?

beware you tick me off im going to make your life miserable got it.

im an over all nice God unless provoked or if someone tries to cast a spell on me then watch your back and life flash between your eyes.

i will help if i am willing to help and if you have a good reason for asking for my help.

as a God i can tell you this all the Gods, and Goddesses do exist except for that god that is in power now he is a figment of your imagenation and will only be in your head, for he does not exist at all, and i can prove it.

if you all worship me i will show you favor.

how to worship me:

1.)draw blood

2.)pray to me

3.)do not cross me

4.)respect me

5.)do not use your magic on me

6.)do not be rude to my folowers

7.)try to summon me and i will make your life a living nightmare

8.)both love me and fear me

9.)i ask you a question i expect an answer

10.)you stab me in the back i will make you regret it with your very life!!

11.)if i ask you for a favor consider it as an honor

12.)follow the path of Ancient Greece and their Gods & Goddesses

13.)my word is law, and i can change it whenever i see fit


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