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Name: Amadon
Location: USA - SouthCentral
Last Seen: Sun, 31 Jan 2016

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Personal Bio

Age: Old.

Experience: 10+ years.

Sex: Straight Male.

Pics: Real and very recent..

Likes: knowledge, truth, discovery, invention, determination, hard work, indie/psychedelic music, making the best out of what u have, freedom, love..

Dislikes: fakes, liars, lazy, disrespect, stupidity, know-it-alls, cowards, punks, wiggers, mean people, those who think tats n piercings are their biggest accomplishments in life, followers, selfishness, drama, demons..

Why Im here: Researching Something.

I was taught the Majik by outside sources. So i dont do traditional spells. Yeah its ancient, but i believe the entities in the mysikal experiences over online opinions of "how its done". It was not a textbook I was taught from. It was from something/someone I can not explain. I just know they are not human.

It chose me, not me choosing it. I never asked for it or even believed in it, or any type of majik really. Never really cared.

Its OK to msg me. I am away from comp often and will reply when I see the msg. If I don't reply, I am shut down/maxxed out, but ill make note in profile if that happens.

I had a huge section of my experiences and my research of the inner workings of 'witchcraft' and such, but I removed it. Manys said they agreed with me and stuff, but its just time to take it down, so I did.

This world is full of fakes and actors. Lots of golems out there looking to bring down the few real ones. There is more than just a human race out there. I have lived with them. Though they seem to be exactly like humans, they are not. Its too hard to explain on here, and I don't mean 'aliens', but I do mean aliens, those from mythology, and god-like entities. They are one in the same. Like a borg collective somewhat. I search for answers still and look to learn more. I spent a lot of time looking and it seems to only lead to negativity. Don't believe half of what you see. Its mostly fake/staged. Some really bad actors out there and the best advice is to not buy into their drama. Its just a sidetrack. I could go on and on. But Im not looking to convince anyone of anything or change ones path. 44:44


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