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Name: Xeir
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 23 Sep 2014

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Before you read: Sorry for the unorganized way my thoughts are written they are most likely going to be random and unrelated to the previous sentence. Sorry *Anime Teardrop*

I'm a young woman/young adult/etc. who is an open minded, kind, and non-judgmental person especially when a person needs it. I've been hurt, rejected, bullied, and judged so I guess that is where my open minded, kind, and non-judgmental personality comes from, since I know what it's like. I'm also weary, guarded, tough, short and hot tempered,talkative and social even to strangers. I talk so much some people find it irritating and annoying. I'm not good at thinking up on the spot or under pressure which means I'm not good at the Art of Quips and Comebacks. I usually have to think and then say it. I'm above average height for girls, 5'6 something centimeters. I'm also obese and hairy like a guy mostly due to my genetic disorder Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome and I don't like shaving. I mean just because women usually shave doesn't mean I have to follow that plus I don't mind the hair and I'm not cold during Fall and Winter (Maybe early Spring too) *Laughs*. I'm mostly happy being the way I am. I also have ADHD and General Mood Disorder. I'm mostly open and honest about myself except for my feelings. I tend to bottle up my feelings without realizing it at times. Plus, I don't like talking about my feelings. I have auburn colored hair, hazel colored eyes (changes to combinations of brown, green, gray, and blue), I have pale colored skin, my eyes are small and I wear glasses, my eyebrows are thin so sometimes it looks like I have none, my nose is on the large side, my lips are full, I'm fat/obese, if I were to ever lose weight I would be toned/thick in built, I'm not beautiful, hot, or attractive, I'm slightly cute I guess and am I ugly? Most likely. I'm hairy, I'm eighteen but I look fifteen/sixteen so I'm youthful looking, personality wise? The closest example I can use is: I'm like Leonardo and Raphael maybe a little bit of Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003, Usagi from the Sailor Moon Anime, Manga, 2nd Anime mixed up.


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