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Name: WitchOfGrey
Birthday: Oct 22 1992
Location: Belfast, Ireland
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 03 Sep 2014

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Personal Bio
Long and short of it....IM INSANE! But I'm a fun insane xD I'm always attempting to cheer people up, and help them. I hold my friends dear to my heart they are my life along with my family. I try to be there for them, but I have made a few mistakes.

My Name is Nicole, though most times I go by Nikki, that and any nik-names friends make up for me, and there has been a lot! I can be a touch temperamental so sorry. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ANGELS!! I love all my friends, and family and all those that are special to my heart, you mess with my friends you mess with me, I mean it so don't even try it, cause your asking for one hellish life. Other than that I'm pretty easy to get on with. I Love meeting new people!! reading and writing stories and poems. Writing music and songs. I love being around my friends and family. Helping people out as best i can if they have a problem. Looking after my nieces and nephews. and generally being around people. And music is a love of mine and because of that i have an eclectic taste in music. But metal has to be my favorite genre I hate fake people. People who hurt feelings of those closet to me. I absolutely despise racism as it is pathetic and immature. So what if someone is of a different ethnic background it doesn't make them bad people and it sure as hell does not make them worthless. Bullies I hate people who bully others just to make themselves feel important seriously people like that need to grow up and act their age rather than their shoe size. I don't see a point in making somebodies life hell just because they maybe smarter, or have needs of a special nature or just because they are different. People who bully make me physically sick! I also hate people who are narcissistic, vindictive, nasty or self centered. Now this essay could go on and on but I think I'll stop here. :)


'fond of the laze? It could be some form of pheromone? Something females release to induce mating behavior. It makes then hyper aggressive.

Oh? Thats great snakes...on craic!'

'you cock juggling thunder cunt!'


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