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Name: TexasDirt
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== Your a damn loser whoever you are. I bet you are the biggest c#ck sucker in real life and weakest coward on earth ==

=sleep well you p#ssies=

I am the written oracle of denari and Absalom. I work my way across the region. Such piety in chaos of the utmost incorrigible descent. I took mankind upon myself and have created a heathen nation of the proctor silence humanitarian concept.

Vicera diano dose coopus triajiano Bel sagrian pos apocolyptica ventros.

Having had born a man I am therefore my offspring has Cullen dose armtripan hous dos vudue.

El menio daran ve , delcedon porum arano

Let me know


My interests include :


Romantic candlelight dinners in front of the fireplace

Long walks on the beach

Horseback riding in the sunset

Holding hands crossing the street


Things I hate


People who worship me (or claim to) and think it makes em look tough or skarry

People who just think they know me or that we are friends

Thieves and liars

Fakes flakes n fluffs


Things I can do


Change forms

Show anyone how to become a shapeshifter

Crawdead fish w bacon on a string

Heal those w pacman fever


Haha... Yeah right.

I would love to be 100% honest, but it seems to get me shut down within a few days. I would also like to post my real life photos, but that too seems to be an eye sore for admin. Oh well... One day they will play the game on my turf, and I'll scratch the flakes and deflate the fluffs.



Q- Why would anyone wanna talk to you or have your ugly old a$$ around?

A- Because I am someone you probably adore. I'm charming and full of knowledge. And maybe I'm here for more than just to talk. Maybe I wanna learn some things as well as share my extensive knowledge of hoodoo and santaria. As my majik is the majik that works.... Unlike the "harry potter" spells and "become a mermaid in 5 minutes" spells many plaster around here.

Q- Do you smoke or drink?

A- No. I'm straight edge. No drink of drugs at all.

Q- Do you wanna meet my family?

A- No thanks. I'm not looking for a relationship

Q- What kind of magick do you do?

A- Many kinds. I am the cream of the crop and the smartest individual on the planet. And BTW, your doing that all wrong.

Q- Do you have superpowers?

A- Of course. From a bystanders point of view. However, idt anyone has themselves 'super powers' or 'abilities'. It appears that way in the physical eye of the beholders (more often though, only in the mind of the claimant). I will say I am granted gift. Each 'ability' and each individual feat is a gift from above/below. Its a birthrite and you can't simply decide "oh I'm going to have these powers and get into witchcraft "(we call it the arts/experiments/formulas). Now once one realizes their birthrite and it includes the gift. One can tune and perfect their arts by study, trial and error, as well as prayer (meditation/requests).?

Q- Can you turn me into a flying monkey w eye implanted flamethrowers?

A- It is possible. But I highly doubt it. And ur going to have to die/trade soul/or get hit w huge punishment w missions to ever get to transform. Even then, the actual 'you' may not even be inside that body to know how it feels. Its hard to explain, but I do a little more below.

Q- What do u think bout people who say they worship tha devil?

A- I know the devil, and he laughs (for just a split second, as he is in such termoil and pain) at people who worship him or claim to. He uses them for toilet paper and continues on his search for the ones who are worth more than 2 cents to him and/or society. Me, myself, I would say its sad. Kinda goes along w the next question of image and the fear behind such.

Q- What do u think about these gangster wanna-bes who listen to gangster rap jammin n saggy pants below butts and got pit bulls and talk like they are from some far off? ghetto cause they try so hard to sound 'hard'?



A- They are a lot like the rednecks who jack up a truck 3 foot in the air and wear a cowboy hat and listen to redneck music full blast tossing cheap beer cans out the windows. They are all LOST SOULS that are screaming "help me! I've lost myself and I'm scared as hell so I'm putting up the biggest front of a tuff guy image w possible Lil man syndrome I can do! Just save me! I'm lost and need to be found...I can't keep this up forever!". This is the same w the wanna b gangsters. Its all tuff n ruff till someone hits em back. Till the pit bull bites them. Till the pants can't sag no lower cause their full of all the crap they have been building up from being scared sh#&le$$ of society as well as life itself. Another very blatant LOST SOUL. As well as biggest fake and chamelion on the planet. In other words, this is done out of ignorance and fear.

Q- Where is your real picture if you are so great?

A- Hidden. Only real aquintances will see such items. Otherwise I get booted. See above note.

Q- Do you really believe in transformation?

A- YES. Without doubt because I have seen it w my own eyes as well as camera footage. I think 99.9% of the spells on this site are useless for transformation as it is not how Hollywood as glamorized it. It is a type of punishment for many, but not all. It is also a sign of a 'recycle' who has a chance to get their soul back, and lastly, it is used by the lunas of nibiru as they sometimes claim a body as well as memories to carry out their works unknowing to most. I know this to be true and anyone saying transformation is impossible, as well as any 'proveable' feat of witchcraft to be impossible, is a FAKE. And they only fool themselves to thinking their crafts work. I mean, why else would anyone deny everything that could possibly be proven as "fake" or "impossible".... One reason - because they know deep down that they have no craft or abilities and want to limit the minds of those who might actually be able to do some majik/miracles. Think about it. Its undeniably true.

I'm not a troubled teen and I been in this a long time. I know what the spirits teach. So don't come at me with a line of BS that you got all these powers n magick abilities yet can not and have not performed or done a single thing except abstract 'shifting of energies' to persuade nature to see things your way,and of course, all unprovable and existing only in your head. I'm too deep into this to fall for that lie. Idc if you have made 100 'how to videos'. The fact is that this stuff is a birthrite to all who possess it. It is sharpened w practice. You can't just decide " oh I'm gonna be a witch" & say some spells and claim powers.. I mean, grow up. This is the choice of Gods. Not of yours. It is a part of a perfect plan. Once this is realized, some should hang up their brooms and stop living a lie. You don't impress anyone and if anyone says you do, it don't mean much, except they are so much more lost than you are that they would believe your BS.

Don't get me wrong - there is a lot of knowledge here on this site and within its members... But actual abilities... That stands to the individual to know. But those who claim "I can do so much, and all that, and all this", yet " nothing that can ever be proven and nothing physical", well they make me question. If I cared enough I would call em out on it. But Idc enough to do so at this point in time.

I've got photos of entities conjured as well as transformation. You can say what you want, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that these are authentic and real. Idt anyone on the site can break out with this. And do not copy these images as I will file w DMCA as well as probably have them show up at your place. They know all and control the future. Don't disrespect them by copying or claiming as your own.


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