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Name: Dragonflare5
Location: Watching Dead Silence, sacrificing a right arm, figuring where I stand...listening to Gumi.
Last Seen: Mon, 22 Sep 2014

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I will probably leave everyone because I'm a disgrace to - won't be on a lot cause of school. Blasphemy? Hehe.

Name: Whatever.


Age: No asking! Unless I know you.

Pet: Two tabby kittens

Friends: a few DEAD ones.

Relationships: You find out

Color: Metallic colors, blood!

Tried to find you at the bottom of a bottle

Laying on the bathroom floor....

Song of the year: Waisting All These Tears By Cassady Pope. Meh, I have this thing for inflation comics, don't know why. They're fun. I don't care to title myself a practitioner simply because the rituals I perform are all scatter plot timing. Call me what you wish but my friends saddled me with Jinx due to all the accidents I seem to be able to cause in a day. When I was about four my dad revealed that my mum was pagan and voila, here I am. I love to read Edgar Allen Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - don't forget Charles Dickens! I draw from the shadows so my sketches only I can interpret. Well, Max can too. Max is one of my best friends for life. She suffers from paranoia, so my goal around her is to help her as best I can possibly do. I do see spirits. They mostly pass by me though some, like Mori, who I HAD to keep around, have a spiritual bone to pick. Max uses this account but with me around and only that. I'm a total okatu or however you say it. I went mad. And had an outburst...and hurt someone. I'm very sorry...if you wanna leave me then I get it. Just...

Max- heyo! Your friendly online tarot reader....don't ask for anything now please. I'm super busy helping her with not trying to hurt herself. Song of the week: Chevelle: take out the gunman. If you wanna message me then never talk to me again go hurt someone else.

Don't hurt my friends or I'll hurt you very badly. Be nice! I'm getting tired of people being rude on here. SUCK IT UP, WE MOSTLY DON'T PRACTICE MAGIC!!!!! David was a good friend...he's...ask for my email

Ah...we were friends, why'd you hurt me so much? Now I go...I tried once.


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