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Name: lightwise
Location: tehachapi
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 24 Aug 2008

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Long story shorter, Ive studied many forms and practiced many forms of magick privately. Even though ALL my family has practiced before, my family wants to look like and study with Jehovah witnesses. I accept all people and creatures for who and what they are. I never like to judge no matter how good or bad, only if people are truely "rude" to me. I am a TOTAL nature/tree-hugging freak, and love people, just not thier crappy attitudes. Im 15 and so far Ive moved 16 times around CA. I want to be able to experience crafts and spells and/ or conversations, and interact with people like me...hopefully someone who lives near me too.


I actually study many religions and practices on my own, since I was 5 yrs old. As for the other half of my family, AND the other surrounding members, they have all studied magick too, but keep all of the children away from it. I have already gotten in trouble for studying a few times, but I cant help but to believing in the natural arts of magickal crafts, and how they can manipulate, pursuade, ordirect life and its forces in sooo many ways. My family is quite broken up right now, but I know that things will change for the better, we just have to wait on time.


I am not a skinny guy as you can tell. It was believed that my dad had done magick on me that has made me sick. After my parents divorce, I was a Very skinny lil guy at 4 yrs old, but all of that changed in that same yr. I blew up and so did the relationships of my family.


I ve tried many times to give up, If you know what I mean, but nothing got any better, anyways, I found that Life must have something for me since I have lived through SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many attempts. I know this is getting too personal,but, I have been in counseling, auditioning, and trying to get into the community performing arts theater.


P.S......I love Family Guy! Mad TV! Adult Swim!


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