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Name: BloodWizard
Location: dirty south ( USA )
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 21 Aug 2014

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Communication limit reached

Whatever that means. Anyways... I can't reply.

:::Msg me at if u wanna talk:::

Inthenights plz email me.

Anyone else who hasnt got a reply can email me.

Guess I'll wipe this since it got someone mad or something.

Its ok to email me

I do ask that anyone sending an email please:

1. Not be on here as a LARPer.

2. Not attempt to gain knowledge, then undermine me.

3. I'm straight and not gay so plz no msgs from dudes asking.

4. I'm surprised they allowed kids on this site, but I prefer to not talk w kids. Plz no msgs from those under 16.

5. What we discuss is not open information to go publish or use for your own info, nor to attempt to use against me at a later date.

6. No law enforcement officials or those affiliated with in any manner.

7. No gaya$$ admin who keep shutting me down because im not a fake & do a lot more than 'shift energy'. And im not a part of the band geek mafia... so keep shutting me down. Cause u and i both know ur capable of nothing. ($orry... im just sick of not saying a word and getting account yanked..its really childish) smh

I mean, i dont mess w anyone and got some sick gifts... anyways.. best of luck to all in weeding through the b.s. to find the truths. :)

**Communication limit reached**

---Communication limit reached---

**Communication limit reached**

If 1 out of every 10 people born is gay, then that dont mean change the world to satisfy them. Nobody has changed $#!t to satisy or accomidate me. Bullying them is not the answer either, however, Its a good reason for idiots to think before they have $#x. Not for the world to accept idiots who got high n had a baby and the kid grows,up so lost he thinks he finds a home and attention in gays|lesbian society-atmosphere. Gay is a state of mind. One may have some predisposition of factors to such, but it IS and always will be a persons choice as to weather or not they stick their privates in another mans behind. Smh

Some of you people are so lost... smdh


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