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Name: bluerevenge5
Last Seen: Sun, 13 Jul 2014

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(sigh) look if i message you and then you want to tell a mod because i done something bad look tell me about it and we will square it together im just here to talk nothing more

IF YOU DONT CARE SAY IT i dont want to talk to people who are

because you will find me annoyinh if you say you do but you really dont i really will talk to you

do not pretende to like me or care

im called revenge for a reason ;)

I DO TARROT READINGS , oh and they are free ;)

ok i dont do tarrot readings now XD

btw i LOVE EMO girls , they seem to be into everything im into :3

mental energy completely drained ,,

conquired the challenger :) now im gonna wait a couple of days in a ball until im normal again :D

if i add you , as a friend and dont talk to you it means im waiting for you to talk to me :)

i help with problems too so ask me about them :)

add me on skype andrew0857341900

BAD MOOD THIS GIRL Is MAKING ME RAGE resolved , i am now fine again :)

picture access to friends only ;)

i dont do things for show too, if i message you then i like you ;)

if i dont then i dont like you ,

The last thing id want to do is to hurt someone i really wish i knew everything to make people feel better and happy and thats what im trying to do but if you hurt me i wonr hurt you back i dont like hurting ill just cut you from my life instead or in other words you lose 'me' privaleges

btw i have kik

xbox = deathshadowv88

sometimes i do REALLY STUPID things , if i do point them out so its not awkward

old profile got gagged

there is a story behind each bluerevenge ! original was that without numbers but now its gotten to 5 :D

if you dont like your body then no pics , i hate mine too XD

guys i hate difficult people plz be easy

this one does not reply to one word replys

i talk until my limit reaches and when it does i go off for the day

one day i will stop talking to you for no reason

i think im ready to let go of my bad and move on now ,i feel peace at last with my life

i cant acctualy be myself around people because then they just hate me


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