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Name: Mr.Jay
Birthday: Jan 7 1996
Location: England
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 19 Oct 2017

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Welcome to my domain.

One of temptation and personal glory where you can achieve what you believe to be an unreachable goal.

"To become enlightened, give in to your desires. Accept temptation so that you may rise through the fires..."

Subjugate yourself to the words you have just read and you will enjoy the eternal elevation that temptation provides. Allow yourself to ascertain true liberty - temptation does not bind one to oneself it allows you to grow as a person, grow within society and even grow enough to be remembered in History.

Alexander, Boudicca, Caesar, Cromwell, Octavian, Isaac Newton. All of these great great people gave into their wants and by doing so achieved them.

Do not doubt yourself, my children, all can achieve their desires. You simply have to believe in yourself as I believe in you. All are capable of great things, follow what I say, follow this passage of mine and you will be bequeathed with eternal happiness.

To those that doubt me. Allow me to help you, allow me to provide you with the means to achieve what you want. Open your mind to the limitless potential of yourself. Reach deep inside your soul, now, succumb to temptation; be at one with what you want. Use your desires as motivation to act, use that motivation to achieve your desires.

Blessed be my children, let temptation guide you through.


People look for the happiness inside of their on the other hand, I look for the despair in happiness. I look for the rage in tranquility and for the greed in charitable actions. I have a unique mind and if you are interested in learning more about it then simply ask.


The world is my chess board and you are one of my many pieces. If I want you to move, you will move.


This world breeds corruption, pain and chaos. Innocent people are slaughtered daily and corrupt governments prey upon those who cannot defend themselves.

This world disgusts and angers me. People are so quick to destroy the good things that they have and leave those who love them cold and emotionless.

The earth is a beautiful place but it is ill, it has a disease that cannot be cured. This disease is humanity.


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