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Name: DawnofAsh
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Jul 2014

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Hello friends before i can continue please if your satanic STAY AWAY FROM MY PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am not interested in any part of your "religion"

Hey! It's me... D.... here... again... goddamnit.

Tiger and Wolfie forever.

Song of the day - Raining Blood by Slayer

If Nu Metal isn't metal, then why is it not called Nu Polka, Nu Country or Nu Blues?

I have seen a person claim that they're half human - half fictional breed of dragon (don't make a joke about fanfics, don't make a joke about fanfics...). I have been hunted by things I never thought existed and still cannot believe exist. I have been loved, hated and betrayed. I have changed while remaining the same. I have spoken to God and He has replied. And, still, what I currently care about the most is my internet speed.

Until a musician from Chikago named Howard Levey introduced us to Satanism in 1966, St. Peter's cross was a Christian symbol and pentagrams were used by Christians as a protection from witchcraft and demons.

"Ouija" is a registered trademark of Parker brothers (a.k.a. the dudes who gave us Nerf ball)

The whole "Viking religion" thing was written by a dude a few centuries after Scandinavia had been Christianized (read: enslaved by an old a-hole who thought he was God). There is no proof that anyone ever worshipped Thor and Odin before Johan Hegg an all the "Wiccans" on this site.

I am straight.

I like gothic rock, nu, death and power metal and whatever genre Poets of The Fall fit into.

My favourite bands are Demon Hunter, HammerFall, Soul Embraced and Fields of The Nephilim.

You can be pervy with me. I'm not taken and probably will never be. (reminder: I am straight )

Kitties and heavy metal are what my life's about (=^.^=)

I don't believe in "magick".

Eru Iluvatar bless you all :3

198Hg + 6.8MeV gamma ray --> 1 neutron + 197 Mercury (half-life of 2.7 days) --> 197Au + 1 positron


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