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Name: Hagalaz
Location: San Jose
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 01 Mar 2009

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Well, hey. I'm Hagalaz (that is my pagan name)

Most of you have probably heard of the rune of destruction, but maybe not all of you understand it's true meaning. Hagalaz is the rune of hail, and from the destruction of hail, new life forms. When hail beats down the fields of wheat and corn, it eventually will melt, bringing life giving water to nourish the land. So, much like the tarot suit of swords, Hagalaz entails lessons and positive change emerging from pain and destruction. I chose this name for myself, as my life has been a sequence of trials, and none easy. If you give a fuck, feel free to ask me about my experience.

I prefer not to select a denomination for myself, as it reminds me to much of christianity. While I maintain that everyone has a right to choose their own religion, I have a severe distaste for christianity. Anywhoo, all that to say; I am simply pagan, not wiccan, not druidic, not dianic or anything else...just pagan.

On another note, I am an empath. I cannot remember a time when I was not in tune with the way others around me felt. I am also a recovered psychic vampire. While I cannot eliminate the need for outside energy, I have re-channeled it. Now, instead of taking energy from people, I take it from the land and flora. in order to give back and show my gratitude, I grow my own plants in my room, as well as tend to damaged plants i find, and give healing energy to the land. I am a bit of a nature junkie.

I have dabbled in all colors of magic, and my experience spans 5 years.

When i was in grade school, I was able to make it rain simply by singing.

What gets on my nerves when it comes to anything and everything pagan/magickal. People who like to run around in over adorned oldschool clothing like it's halloween. For one, people, the original spell workers wore NOTHING. Any fancy corsetry, buckles, chains or cloaks you might wear are laughable in the eyes of all real spell workers. People who think this shit is a way of making yourself look cool, and who brag about it to get attention. We are a minority in todays christian dominated society. You're more likely to get a furrowed brow and a roll of the eyes, because people will think you're stupid, which you are if you are BRAGGING. People who bring drama into their craft. This shit is NOT where you take your dysfunctional longings for popularity and for that cute boy who sits next to you in second period to notice you. I swear, these people are not only annoying, they're the folks who need to be expelled from any and all practice because they soil the very institution. People who take on a generic god/goddess/diety name as their pagan name, or something retarded, like two cliche words pasted together like 'celtic rain' or 'wolf maiden'. Seriously people, we've all seen the shit before, you're not original, so go get something that actually holds significance to you instead of something that you think will make you the coolest witch on the block. People who think this is roleplaying. It's not. Nuff said. One uppers. I don't care that you can manipulate your aura unless you're gonna tell me how to do it. And I seriously doubt that you know a flying spell. For the record, I'm a grouchy old soul and I get irritated easily. These things just twist my knickers, though. I think it's simple to say that if everything avoided these few simple things, we'd have a much healthier and much more practical society.

I've been through high school and middle school drama, and quite frankly, I don't condone it. Try to get me involved and you will get shut down or cursed. Maybe both.

I have recently dropped out of college, and although I just graduated high school, I had been taking college classes for the last two years. I dropped out because I left home, and couldn't afford to keep myself in school, and also try to bring in income.

A large chunk of my adolescent development was spent in a treatment center. I was a trouble child throughout middle school, mainly because my empathy was awakening, I had just been taken off of a medication, my hormones were raging, and middle schoolers can be cruel and heartless little monsters. I was smoking, drinking, mutilating myself, disobeying my parents, running away and trying to kill myself. I obviously needed help, but even today I wonder if the place I went to was completely necessary. I have been permanently changed as a result of my treatment, I wouldn't deny it for a moment.

I've healed, cast curses, seen skinwalkers, projected myself from my body, sang the rain, made cursed holy water (funny it was a scary accident in the moment) communed with the spirits, communed with the gods, and written my own spells.

I don't even begin to assume that I'm some sort of magickal expert, but I like to think that I'm no noob, either.

Anywhoo, hit me up. I need to meet new people, and I need to learn new things :)

And now, here is a poem I wrote several years ago in treatment

catch me


dying from my dreams

catch me


falling without my wings

catch me


my arms as I'm falling down

catch me


as I lay here on the ground


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