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Name: leah69
Birthday: Feb 28 1969
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 01 Dec 2014

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I am a 45 year old mother of 3. I was raised christian, and hold firm my belief in God, I have experienced miracles in my life. However, I have had things happen since I was a child, that others did not. I just took it as coincidence, intuition, or whatever.

I began my spiritual journey 4 years ago, having left a 2nd abusive marriage. (yes i have learned) I'm just coming to terms with what I really am..

I began seeing ghosts, or experiencing them at 5. there have always been many around, wherever I have lived. some are always with me. often new ones come along. at 5 I also after first having the ghost experience, began tracing with my finger the entire edge of my bed before sleep 4 times, as i believed this would keep the spirits and monsters away while i slept.. i would astral project at that age as well, actually feel the cold floor on my feet, and the cold toilet seat and even hear myself using the bathroom just to be woken to a wet warmth.. (embarrassing) lol .. I've always just known when something was going to happen, i could feel it.. not what exactly just something. and when someone close was going to pass, within a year prior, i could feel it, would dream it, or have visions of it... sure enough within a year, they were gone.. I was really angry at a girl when i was 17, very angrily i wished she'd wreck her car, instantly i felt a flush and really bad so i added quickly but not get hurt.. the next day i heard she'd wrecked her car, damaged it badly but was uninjured. i have not wished since. i know when someone is pregnant what its going to be.. or when someone will get sick, (serious illness).. and I can read people very well.. I can talk to them for 3 minutes and tell you exactly what they are up to, or what they are going to do.. My grandma had this same ability.. also something i find odd, is well here's an example, my mom had a bad migraine, and back pain all day. she said make it go away (jokingly) i put my hand on her head and said, migraine go away, you are not wanted her, and pulled it out and tossed it.. it was gone.. did the same for her back and immediately it was gone. ( i was playing around, but it felt like i pulled it out)

Ive been taught my whole life by both sides of my family that everything is mind over matter, and to follow my gut.. both my grandmothers mothers were half native american.

I need all the help I can get.. as I said, i'm just coming to terms with what this is and the abilities i think i have.. so , any help, encouragement, training would be greatly appreciated..


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