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Name: LovelyBroken
Birthday: Mar 12 1998
Location: Thats for me to know
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 23 Sep 2014

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Personal Bio
What if TOMORROW your idol tweets you?

What if NEXT WEEK your idol follows you?

What if NEXT MONTH you're getting a picture with your idol?

What if NEXT YEAR your idol is no longer your idol, but your best friend?

But what if you quit tonight? Then there is no tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.

You will never now if you don't wait

And I guarantee you that your idol wishes you would wait and not give up on life tonight



My name is Starr. My other account was EmOxGiRl. I love cats, reading, writing, drawing, and listening to music, I hate people who hate me and my friends and family, including my cats and I'm still new and don't know many spells. My niece, nephew, friends, family and cats all mean the world to me :)

If you love something, they say let it go, if it doesn't come back, it wasn't meant to be

I love to watch Adventure Time.

I like to read CreepyPasta :)

I'm easily confused at times.

I hang out with a bunch of crazy people and no one is ever going to change that. So don't even try

I have too much jewelry to keep track of :P

I am very protective over my cats and siblings

I do have a kik, so if you want to know it, just ask for it

If you have a skype you can add me. Just ask me for it and i'll give you my skype name, but I don't video chat on skype except with certian people :)

I enjoy talking to my friends :)

I'm more of a cat person than a people person

People keep telling me that I look like Avril Lavigne

Someone told me that I'm a potato but truth is potatoes have skin, I have skin, so therefore I must be a potato

"Will I ever see you again? Or will you take this fate? Can we ever be friends? Or will you suffocate? Am I helping you swim? Or am I struggling? Will I fail? Will I fail you again?" ~ Blacklisted Me ~ Emerald Eyes

"I didn't always wanna change my ways, I thought my pain was always here to stay, but you gave hope a name to save me. I didn't think that I could face my shame, I thought my pain was alway here to stay, but you forgave me in a world thats fading." ~Blacklisted Me ~ Breathe

"You used to hold me tight all night long, you used to say, you'd never leave me alone" ~ BOTDF ~ Love sucks (my ex is a vampire)

I think that I'll give up on dating for a long time so don't ask me if I'll be with you because the answer is no. so don't even ask

The one person in this world that I loved more than music proved to me that I never should have fallen for him

"Even though we didn't make it though, I am always here for you" ~ Avril Lavigne ~ I Love You

"You said you felt the same, but then something changed. You through it all away. You said you felt the same, but now who is to blame? You through it all away" ~ Blacklisted Me ~ Reprobate Romance

"I live a better life without you on my mind Don't need you to decide Without you, I'll be fine Leaving memories behind Erasing you from my mind"~ BOTDF ~ Loveotomy

Never trust anyone with your life, they're bound to take it away.....

Trust no one. Believe no one...

Add me on skype my name is starr.biersack (i stoled andy biersack's last name xD)

"I was all for you, You fell over my love, now i'm left with thoughts of suicide" ~ Of Mice & Men ~ Let Live


Scars: yeah. all over me

Self harmed: yeah. that's what 99% of the scars are from

Starved yourself: yeah. i have.

Cried until you got sick: yeah. yesterday

Smoked: yes i have even though i'm underage. but i don't do that anymore

Drank alcohol: without realizing it was alcohol until after i had a whole glass of it

Tried to kill myself: do thoughts of suicide count?

Crush: a guy that i dated not too long ago.... every time i think of him i cry

Someone i love: my cat

Worst habit: self harm and falling in love too quickly. the end result is horrible. i wish that i never knew the feeling of love.

Someone i hate: myself

Someone who i would die for: the guy that broke my heart on may 26th 2014

If i could change one thing about my past: to never had said yes to dating the guy that broke my heart

One thing i love myself: nothing. i'm just a stupid girl who falls in love way too easily

My opinion of myself: stupid. ugly. fat. horrible. worthless. broken

Why i hate myself: i can't do anything right. i suck at love. i suck at relationships. i suck at life. i suck at everything

Relationship status: BROKEN

Last time i cried: june 16th 2014

Am i okay: no. i'm not. i'm not okay.

Done drugs: yeah. once

Cats are the best animals in the world


In my free time I like to practice magick, meditate, I believe that there is good in everyone. Even if they try to make it look like there is no good in them.


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