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Name: Lordofmagic
Location: Cambridgeshire
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I'm Connor, author and avid reader. I enjoy exercise and I like to keep an open mind. I'm an atheist.

Wolf Proofreading Services

Hi, my name is Connor Wolf, best-selling author of The Bite of Vengeance series and a general lover of writing. I can offer full proofreading services that are low cost, precise and is always the best quality.

Here's what I offer:

1) Correcting punctuation errors - Placement of commas and speech marks etc.

2) Spelling - Scanning the text for any misspelt words and correcting them.

3) Fast reliable service - I always aim to complete each piece of work within reasonable time; I don't believe sitting there doing nothing whilst charging money, it is immoral and unfair on my clients.

4) Speedy Service option - If you need your work proofread within a short time-scale, I will be happy to discuss the options and pricing with you.

5) Low cost services - Most in the proofreading business charge a minimum of ?22 per hour, I charge just ?15 per hour. I believe in a cost-effective service that isn't diminished on quality.

Below, I have a 'before and after' of the services I offer so you can get a clear understanding of my work.


Ugh I sighed I was notused to playing team captain and everyyone was much better at football than i was. I wanderred over to the coach who fixed me with a inqissitive stare.


'Ugh.' I sighed. I was not used to playing team captain, everyone was much better at football than I was. I wandered over to the coach who fixed me with an inquisitive stare.

If you need proofreading services, my work is perfect for:

1) Novels - I will proofread an entire manuscript and send it back to you. NOTE: I will not edit content, so if the sentence does not flow, that is your responsibility to edit it.

2) Essays - I offer my services gladly to those university or school students who just don't have the time to proofread.

3) Any documents - If you are writing a letter, email or any other type of document and need my services, please contact me via the details below.

Contact information:

Email:, please state in the subject you require proofreading services.

Facebook: Please IM (Instant Message) me via my Facebook account and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Twitter: @conzza96, please Tweet to me using the hashtag: #proof and follow me, I'll follow back and we can correspond on direct messaging.

SpellsofMagic: Please feel free to send me a private message regarding your proofreading needs.


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