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Name: leopardcody
Birthday: Sep 5 1996
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 21 Sep 2016

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Name: Ateca or Cody

Race: spirit werecat


I was a spirit guardian for Cody until he committed spirit suicide a form of which the spirit dies and the body lives


My Lord is Death though i believe in all deities


I am a spirit reaper of death on the spirit plane


I have a question for all of you how can you say you do not believe in mythical beings yet you believe in the gods doesn't make sense to me


I am the child of a goddess i also have a twin brother not from this life but he is also on his site


My energy source is a form of life energy from Egyptian perspective


Belief is the most important factor though some truth needs to be there to back it up everything that we know now was believed and most of it was proven how do we know this because our ancestors wrote it down so if you dont believe such things exist dont waste my time telling me also do not come to me saying you are a god i simply do not believe a god would come on a site about witchcraft and magic i will not believe you and you will be blocked also i have a spirit friend who can communicate with nearly any god or goddess so id know if you were lieing


i would also like to say creepypasta is fake hence the sight saying its a fiction site


follow your religion and dont let others tell you that ur religion is wrong but do not tell others their religion is wrong in doing so


If you claim to be a vampire which i will not question as i know they exist however you should know that vampires are from demonic origin they go far older that Tepes better known as bram stokers character vlad dracula the demonic origin is in the belief of vampires as supernatural beings of demonic decent. In saying demonic i dont mean hell demons as that demons like humans or anything else have many races or breeds. Self proclaimed vampires that go off of more modern day beliefs they are still considered vampires and are not liers most truly drink blood like many vampiric animals like the vampire bat leaches and such being a vampire does not mean you live 300+ years though as a spirit you may live that long and older nut not physically the body no body can really handle that many years of existance.


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