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Name: SoMBlows
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The site says on the top "Spells of Magic; Where the world learns black magic, white magic, pagan, wiccan, and occult arts." Although all that is pushed from the site is Wiccan, paganism, and the art of being oblivious to what magic REALLY is and what it can ACTUALLY do for you.

Anyone can look through the forum at any given point and I am very sure that 80% of the posts are from people asking how to do certain spells. This should go to show that people on this site are in need of some answers. I have found that most of these people are usually "just getting into" magick or have never done anything like this before. The prevalent questions pertaining to death spells or love spells because there are none listed on the Spells tab (Yes I know there are 'love spells', but seriously-"Onion Love Growth"?? ). I have also found out that the responses never give the person ANY answers. Instead everyone lectures them about why they SHOULDN'T do it. EVER!!!! "It's dangerous!" "If it's not meant to be, then don't fight it!!" "Karmatic law!!!!!11lul1!!111!!@#!"

To see Mods support this is STUPID! This site is supposed to be a place where people learn "black magic, white magic, pagan, wiccan, and occult arts"!!! So let them learn!! If they asked about such a subject they have obviously given it a lot of thought and want it done so why not give it to them? What's going to happen? Are they going to be the one that dies from a death spell? NO. Are they going to die if they cast a love spell? NO. So what's so freaking wrong with letting them do it?

**I want to clarify (for those that don't know!) that despite the spells name, 'death' does not always mean death when casting death spells. It means to disappear from one's existence. Such as the object of the spell moving, quitting their job, going to jail.. and so on- any way that the object of the spell will/can leave your life and leave you alone.

The only way to learn is by making mistakes and through that, experience. By not giving these people answers to their questions is denying them growth as a magician- which is what this site is supposed to support.

I cannot stand the Mods on this site let alone how they run it. Other occult forums think this site a joke from this. The Mods talk as if they know everything and it does not help their ego to have the word "Knowledgeable" by their name every time the post something.

Speaking of the "Intelligence System" active on this site-

I find it completely wrong that Mods have control over this. If you kiss their butt long enough they will consider bumping you up and if you disagree with them they bump you down or gag you. This is stupid and an abuse of their power over the site. This is making it where when anyone who does actually know how to do something they know the Mods won't agree with- they will refuse to answer for to fear of retaliation.

I have seen a lot of the Mods' bio's stating how they believe in the Golden Rule, yet on their responses to posts they are so demeaning and rude. STRANGE!!!

A WAY better alternative is having a system where the people of the site rate everyone. I feel that this would make everyone more open to answering people's questions and give a better representation to how helpful the user's on this site are at a glance.

I also want to talk about the FAQ page. The answers to these questions seem like they were written by a 13 year old- which is probably why you have to be at least 13 to join this site.

"The closer to midnight the spell is cast the stronger the spell will be." LOLWUT? My favorite response is to the failure of a spell working. It immediately goes to listing off wrong ingredients, incorrectly saying the chant, and the funniest part- "your own personal magic powers maybe weak." What?! This isn't Harry Potter, people!

Anyone who has worked with real magick can tell you that all those things don't matter. You can fumble the incantation and have makeshift tools and none of the ingredients but still get results because you are determined that the spell will work. The secret to magick is to have your intent be strong and your mind clear.

This site is called "Spells of Magic" and according to your FAQ page's definition of 'magic' vs. 'magick', this site is full of just that- magic.

(The excuse "This website calls all magic 'magic'" is lame and will dismissed)

Anyway! I'm going to go now- I got magick to do.

***NOTE: I was gagged for this on another account and I have been gagged on this one for no reason. I really was trying to be respectful this time but I believe the mod confused me with some sapphire person.


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