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Name: AxelBraver
Last Seen: Sat, 01 Nov 2008

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Welcome, my name is AxelBraver. I've been practicing magic for a little over two years. I've studied a multitude of subjects including, but not limited to, Elemental magic, Necromancy, Spiritual Shapeshifting, Tarot, Psi Bending, and Mythical Creature Magick. I'm primarily a Draconic Witch, I use Dragon Magick for the betterment of myself and mankind. I'm also a Solitary Witch and I work on my own at home.

== The Name ==

The name came to me after a very long time of searching. It hit me all of a sudden, and it felt as natural as my the name I was born with when I addressed myself as such for the first time. The name Axel brings to mind vivid and powerful symbols. Its a very powerful sounding name. But it also means peace. Bravery is a very powerful attribute, and we could all use to imbue ourselves with more courage. So that is how my name came to be.

== My Code ==

Respect for the Elder, because they know what has already come pass; Respect the Youth, because they are what will come next;

Respect Mother Earth, because all life comes from her;

Respect Death, because it brings balance to life;

Respect your Mother, Father, Sister, and Brother, because you are all from the same blood;

Respect All Creation, because we all are One.

Protect Yourself, Your Clan, Your Friends, Your Land, and Your World, because if you don't then no one will.

== About Me ==

Well, I was born and raised in the Southern United States. My favorite colors are dark colors, Black and Maroon being my two most favorite. Gun Metal and Navy after that. My favorite gemstone is amathyst, which I have on almost all my ritual jewlery. I like a variety of foods, though by far my favorite would be pasta. My favorite snak food would have to be pocky! I adore pocky! I love to draw and read in my spare time. My favorite thing to draw would be, of course, mythical creatures, Dragons being my number one. My favorite reads are good fantasy or psycological thrillers. My favorite author would be Steven Brust, my favorite book by him being Jhereg. My favorite TV channel would be G4, as I'm a big technology nerd. After that it would be Comedy Central, because everyone loves to laugh. I also like anime, mostly the older stuff like Trigun, though Code Geass and Bleach are cool too. My college major is going to be Computer Programing, with a Minor in Game Design. I love videogames, all videogames. I really like Action/Adventure games and Fighting games. My favorite character would have to be the Nintendo favorite, Link.

I love to chatter and I love to help people. If you ever need help with anything feel free to drop me a line. I try to check for messages everyday.


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