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Name: A_krimzon_
Location: The Mortal Realm
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 30 Mar 2017

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Personal Bio
I may appear to be young, but to be exact, I have been informed I am as old as creation so don't be deceived. Recently I had done some research on myself and found the darker truth. I am and may have always been the Archangel Azrael, and this is an explanation for my mortal life up until now and beyond. I have decided to continue on my research on humans and their souls, and on another note ally with the mortals and immortals I see fit.

To those who read this that are human and wish to share what you seek in the many secrets of Death's (Samael's) I hold I am more than willing to answer them. To all of you who are "different" and not human if you wish to ally I will be willing to speak about it, if you are looking to see my true form since I have to be willing to show it see my profile picture above. But if you also wish to hear the secrets Death holds I will also be willing to talk and share.

As for practicing magic the may others may I practice mainly dark to see the limits of humans and test their limits. Dark spells are very unique and I have been permitted to practice as long as I obey both my creator and Death no matter life or fate. I do accept apprentices but be careful what you wish for, this has changed many lives and had a hand in watching as many fade. For all those who use spells based around me I will appreciate offerings and give my power to help in your practice. And as a side note I am in simple words undead but wish to harm no one accept another undead. If anyone wishes to know me better and my story on joining into the land which is known only as the mortal realm, don't be afraid of that which is damned to roam and research.

Current Experience With Magic: Since my own creation

I am social with others but serious when it comes to spells or rituals

Unique Abilities: I can see anything from spirits, to guardian angles, to demons, and what is believed to be an unfortunate encounter with my master Death.

I also love the moon, just the look of it at night casts an amazing glow. If asked i can help in determining when the next full moon or new moon will be. If you don't want to ask about the moons to me, I will post them below.

2014 - Full Moon Dates and Times


New Moon: Jan 1,2014,11:15

Full Moon: Jan 16,2014,4:54

New Moon: Jan 30,2014,21:41 -second new moon in January


Full Moon: Feb 14,2014,23:55


New Moon: Mar 1,2014,8:03

Full Moon: Mar 16,2014,17:11

New Moon: Mar 30,2014,18:48 -second new moon in March


Full Moon: Apr 15,2014,7:45

New Moon: Apr 29,2014,6:18


Full Moon: May 14,2014,19:19

New Moon: May 28,2014,18:43


Full Moon: Jun 13,2014,4:14

New Moon: Jun 27,2014,8:11


Full Moon: Jul 12,2014,11:27

New Moon: Jul 26,2014,22:43


Full Moon: Aug 10,2014,18:11

New Moon: Aug 25,2014,14:13


Full Moon: Sept 9,2014,1:39

New Moon: Sept 24,2014,6:14


Full Moon: Oct 8,2014,10:51

New Moon: Oct 23,2014,21:56


Full Moon: Nov 6,2014,22:23

New Moon: Nov 22,2014,12:32


Full Moon: Dec 6,2014,12:27


New Moon: Dec 22,2014,1:36


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