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Name: MissMasonic
Birthday: Dec 23 1997
Location: Rialto, California
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 15 Apr 2015


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Personal Bio
Well, I'm interested in becoming a vampire, werewolf, or perhaps a wizard. I am not very skilled so I appreciate all help. I've also been trying to grow a tiger tail, but I've had zero success. I would like some help on that too.

I also desperately need a wizard wand. If you would like to mail me one from the shop on this site, feel free to do so.

Also, under my wishlist I have marked Book Of Shadows which I also need. If you are going to mail me items, please notify me before you purchase them.I would greatly appreciate if you could help me purchase the items I have marked. You do not have to purchase expensive items. I have marked inexpensive items.

I would like to become a High Priestess. Any help on that will be greatly appreciated.

I am not trained well in magick, so if you would like to mentor me, just message me.

I currently live in California, and I would like to know how to teleport to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

Here is a little bit about myself:

Likes: Sour Patch, chocolate, dancing, Kevin Hart, Jeff Dunham, singing, skinny jeans, high heels, skateboarding, Karate, braces, video games, Xbox 360, PS3, Grand Theft Auto, makeup, comedies, laughing, Science, astrology, saxophone, guitar, and piano

Dislikes: liars, rice (any kind), jean skirts (OH, YES. I WENT THERE), and papercuts

Music: Linkin Park, BOTDF, Punk Goes Pop, Three Days Grace, R5, Blink-182, Backstreet Boys, Ghost Town, A Day To Remember, G-Eazy, Eminem, Papa Roach, Gorillaz,and Fort Minor

Favorite Quotes: "Everything that is, or was, began with a dream."

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

I practice some of these items below in magick. I am not very skilled, but I hope to be sometime in the future.

Items I Practice:

Element Magick



PSI Balls


Animal Magick

Magick has always been a great interest of mine. Three or four years ago, I stumbled onto this site, and immediately became attached to it. As I grow older, I want to be a highly trained witch. But, I can't accomplish this task on my own. I practice both types of magick. I've had little or no success in both. People have suggested to me about cleaning my chakras, and while I did find some help on this site on how to do it, I failed at it.

People fake all the time about being a witch or a warlock.

Please DO NOT message me if you are a fake. That is a disgrace to me and this site.

In astrology, I am a Capricorn. I am very hardworking and friendly.

I aspire to be the best witch I can ever be. I have heard about Gremoirs. If you have any information on that topic, please message me.

I am currently working on my inner animal. I am a feline, and I have many cat-like tendencies.

Also, I am trying to find my companion dragon,but I've had no success. Any help on that topic will be appreciated.

My full name is Sarah Georgia Rose Ramey. I am currently seventeen years old and in the eleventh grade. By my senior year, I am hoping to be a somewhat skilled witch.

People have sneered at me when I mention I am Pagan. They believe I am a Satanist, but in all clearness, I am not. I am Pagan. I worship a Goddess.

One of the things that stood out to me about being a vampyre is being able to let your fangs out on command. Now, I do not know if that is correct or not, but if you have any answers on that, please do not hesitate to message me...

I am also interested in changing the iris in my eye to a cat's. Any information on that will be greatly appreciated.

I also would like to grow dragon wings. If you know a spell on how to achieve that, please do not hesitate to message me!

Yes, I am the person in that picture. If you question me about that, I find that very offensive and I will not reply to your message.

I am also very interested in learning how to put hexes on people who really deserve it.

Please do not message me with "No Subject" messages. Your message will automatically be deleted and ignored. I am not here to flirt with anyone. I am here for magick practices and magick practices only.

This is my new account. You can look up my old account here on this website @ khaoticone

Thank you.


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