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Name: Fenriel
Birthday: Jul 8 1989
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Mar 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Training Martial arts since the age of seven.

Started experimenting with my energy at around the age of around 15.

Full blown interest in my chosen path came at the age of 17.

Currently work in medicine(physio therapist) and am learning and to an extent applying what I learned from both magic and martial arts training on my work.

Follow a very simple rule in my live "There is no knowledge that is not important, there is no skill that is not useful"

Chosen paths are(hey never said its only one):

1. Energy manipulation(draining, absorbing, expelling, infusing and so on actual raw basics for just about every form of magic)

2. Runes and Seals(extremely fine form of magic, subtle but slow and can be rather confusing but when it works it works)

3. Mind and Dream magic(basically a more focused form of astral projection, supposed to strengthen ones mind,sensor[basically sense aura of other people, can be used as a radar,lie detector, etc], dream is useful but rather iffy especially if you have busy day tomorrow morning)

4. Shamanism(will need a lot of help with this/mostly focus on healing and protection aspect)

5. Not sure if it can be classified as magic but I also study properties and application of herbs and anything that earth gave(rocks, minerals, crystals etc.)

Goals in magic:

1. Gaining acceptable level of skill in at least one of chosen paths and enough knowledge on other.

2. Integrating knowledge gained in my everyday life

Goals in life:

1. Normal carrier in my chosen profession.

2. Small family.

3. All in all a peaceful life.

Current age 25(around 10 years of practice)

Yes I`m willing to teach what maybe little I know(Energy manipulation either as individual forms or as whole/Some mind strengthening abilities as well/Any non magic related knowledge I may have).

Currently wish to strengthen my basics, emphatic skills, and maybe learn how to project my will upon others more effectively(and no I don`t mean to control them more like make them feel a some of more basic emotions[happiness, sadness, anger, fear,...], made some progress with causing other to feel fear by projecting anger, but its no more efficient that yelling at someone and its useless unless target is capable of sensing energy or is strong in empathy so yeah).

Former member and council member of Raven`s Gate coven, left due to inactivity of the coven as a whole(its not a coven if its only one active person).


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