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Name: scene_lilly
Birthday: Aug 2 2000
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 09 Oct 2014

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Hi im lilly i love music cats art anime and nighttime if you wanna talk to me go ahead and message me i like to talk and if you habe anything you need advice about come to me now, i will say this even though im not verry comfortable with it... i do cut, i do hate myself, i do want to die, BUT only because of choises i made that ruined my life so please dont make my mistakes and talk to me... i might tell you the ENTIRE story if i trust you enough and you trust me as well on to more, plesant things here are my favorites

color: purple

Movie: rose red

book: lord of the rings

band: thousand foot krutch

Song: welcome to the mascarade

Animal: ( fiction ) dragon ( non fiction ) white tiger

Here are some of my poems:

Life and death- i wake up all alone its dark its cold im heald by frozen chains that sting the skin beneath them, my heat is beating fast my breathing coming hard i start to cry but the tears freez un my cheeks and lashes suddenly theres a whip like lightning flashes leaving gashes in my frozen skin i scream andfight with all my might and then the sight of my kidnapper sends my frozen body wild i scream and cry im going to die my kidnapper is beautiful exept for the bloodlust in his eye he pulls out a dagger and walks closer neer looking down at me with a sneer " hello my dear " he says and slices the dagger across my face i see blood and the open wound i scream and ask myself why was it me why did this have to beall i see is blood suddenly the assault stops pain even worse hitting me now as he stitches the wounds and cleans the blood he heals me and covers me up confused then unconsious i sleep and now when i wake its always him to do the same thing again and again hes told me his name he calls himself life he tears me down then stitches me up and promises i will never meet his brotjer death but i know i will one day ive met him before and i know that one dayhe will take me away from here take me away from life and this cold dark place im sure that im disfigured by now scars bruises and swolen spots but death wont mind hell take me away alow me to fully heal help me become whole again and finaly be free, free with death how odd that may sound to most but still do you trily know life?


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