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Name: new0908126
Location: Back Here Yo!!!
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 01 May 2014

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Im back! :D any one from my old account can pm me and ill find ya!


to give life is to take it away from another, to heal is to harm some one else to give money is taken from some one, so is the way of the world.


iv been studying magic for most of my life, starting at palm reading. my grandmother talt me about magic, till she passed away god rest her soul,i study alone with my grimoires , two of them, and my book of shadows.

(0) if theres an X im gagged or out comment limits up 0 means I GOOD


mainly i use summoning and elemental magic, i know some of the other magics but not to the point where i can lecture you on them, and i welcome any new info that you can offer. and if you want to ask some things about magic to me, be my guest its a pleasure to help.

i am JUST starting in demonology and exercising demons, i WOULD like to keep why a secret but ask if you must


now on to some about me...

i love meat SOO GOOD!

i enjoy reading

i like writing on computers

i like when someone proves me wrong, so i can learn something new

i try not to act like i know every thing but will hold my ground

i love movies and like who doesn't :D

old cartoons are better then the new ones!!!

anime is the best!!!

im christian and hold the holy teachings to my heart

i like talking, pm me any time, and i mean and ANY time

im single right now and not looking for a girlfriend, sorry ladies

im stern and bull headed

I love to use methods that are WAY to complicated! :D

i forgot were my old spells are on my other acount

(if they still exist) so sorry

i well, im not sure, may add more latter.


Spells that i make

this bit is to inform you on any spells that i have made


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