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Name: Syvanna87
Location: London Ontario, the damn province I can
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 10 Oct 2009

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My name is Syvanna, I am 12 now. My friends sometimes call me SAS for Syvanna Allyson Szewczyk. I'm into the Zodiacs,Angels,Ghosts,Magic,Wizards,Witches,The Third Eye, and alot of things and I have my little conpanion a Black Cat named Emma. I live in London ontario. I am trying to learn Fortune Telling and trying to open my Third Eye. I would have a picture of myself if I knew how to put one up ^-^ I really try to find the meanings of my dreams, but have had success in some.

I have started learning magic since 11.

I'm hopeing of accualy doing Magic sometime or seeing into the furture because I'm interested in whats going to happen. My friends sometimes think I'm weird. Which I am most of the time. I'm very Imagenitive. My best friend is to be a Physic. Sylvia Brown said it... My friend can see Ghosts and hear them too. She's too young right now. Thats what someone said. I wish I could see Ghosts. But my sister is going to see them probably, since shes a Gemini. It's mostly happened to the Gemini's I have met, Like my Mom, My best friend whos going to be a Physic, and now I'm thinking that my sister is going to see them too. I still like the sign I have now. A Libra. I havn't found anything special of it. Like the Leo is the king of the signs, Gemini's can see Ghosts, and Libra's and Scorpio's dont even have their own planet!! They have to share Venus with the Tarius. Did I mention I'm a Cusp? I was born the last five days of my sign which in a magazine said I am part Libra (Mostly Libra) part Scorpio. My whole house is full of Air's. Joe and Emma are Aquarius, Mom and Keirah are Gemini's and I'm a Libra/Scorpio. Wait a minute!! I'm the only Libra in the house!! :( My childhood was bad and still is. Nothing seems to go right for me. But I keep trying :)

I am also learning wizarology, Monsterology, and most "Ology" books ^-^ I accually hope to get somewhere in one of them though. My life pretty much sucks, but this is the only "Fun" thing I can do with my life :l I hope to at least have an adventure someday... That would really mean alot to me.


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