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Name: WolfHowl1
Birthday: Jul 28
Location: Howling with the wolves and roaring with the dragons
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 19 Jun 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hey I'm Wolf's Howl or Snow Embers (you can call me either one),13, and I have been doing magic for at least half a year now. I love to make new friends and chat from time to time so give me a message if you want. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have visions and prophetic dreams and such. I can talk to animals and sometimes make things happen with my mind my sheer force. I guess you could call me a psychic if you wanted. And I WON'T do any visionseeking for you or make a prediction for you! But I will make spells for you if you ask (mail) me. I love animals and nature far more than humans and I think separately compared to them. (Meaning I don't think at first thought in their perspective). This may be because of my past life was a wolf. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Magick wise I mostly work with communications, white magic, some black magic, lots of elemental spells and meditations, a few light summoning of dragon and animal spirits (I wish to learn more about summonings), animal magick (mostly involves wolves and dragons), and I'm just now starting and dabbling in some dragon magick. *and I have a few dragon friends who help me from time to time) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I tend to run a bit of a sarcastic reputation along with a friendly attitude and a bunch of other attitudes and quick feelings that I feel will take to long to list. Oh, and be mean or use uncalled for behavior, I will make you my prey. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My main (and favorite) way of dealing and using magic is probably using energy's. Ex/ lots of visualization, energy transfers, energy flows, constructing aura and chi objects, etc. If you want to be my friend and add me, go ahead! Like I said before, I like to meet new people, because of with almost every person you meet or have met, you will learn something about them that may help you in later life. I have a crystal aura so I tend to take after people by taking a little bit of their personalities by accident. Whoops _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Zodiac- Leo (lion) Planet- Sun (star) Elements- Water, Fire, Light, and Dark (shadows)(But mainly water) Spirit Animals- the Gray Wolf (Fall), Dragon (Roseblade), a fox-deer (half-half)(Snowfrost), Yellow, white, butterflies, and I believe lunar moths, dragonflies, and more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love to draw and run free in woods and less populated places and discover and adventure.I love to learn new things and to explore, showing others the beauty of things. If anyone has any info on how to astral project or any useful tips on any topic of magick, please message me asap! Well thanks for reading and all ^-^ Bye! > w


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