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Name: MaevaFeroxx
Birthday: Aug 12 1995
Location: Los Angeles
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 20 Apr 2014

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Please read my entire profile before mailing me!!

Hello! I am a solitary practitioner looking to branch out and meet like-minded friends. I consider myself a White Witch (not racially white, but white magick) , focusing my energies on nature and the elements. The magick I practice is on earth magick and cleansings, prosperity, love, harmony and healing. I am currently studying herbology and also divination.

Please keep in mind that there is a big difference between real magick and all the crap Hollywood has sold you. If it impossible in reality, magick won't help either.

If you want to become a werewolf, vampire, mermaid, dragon, etc... buy or make a costume and pretend. You cannot actually become one.

If you want to change your appearance, dye your hair, get colored contacts, change your clothes, etc... You cannot actually change your DNA. If you are looking to loose weight, magick can help with that, but do not expect overnight results. It will take time and patience.

If you want to ask me about curses, hexes or anything else not listed above in what I practice or currently studying, don't bother. I can't help you any more than you could help me. When it comes to divination, I am studying it, I am not an expert!! I see the future from my own eyes, so I cannot see your future (unless of course you are in my future). Even then, I have not focused my skills enough to be of much benefit.

I will not perform spells for you. It is more powerful if you do it yourself or if you are present when I perform it. As I do not know you, I am not comfortable having you over. I will guide you to spells that I think can help you, as long as they correspond to what I practice myself.

Feel free to ask questions regarding what I am practiced in. Herb, blessing, protection, prosperity, etc... I love to share what I know.

Last, but most important, believe in yourself. You are capable, but you have to work at it. Magick is not an easy fix. It takes focus, determination, discipline and knowledge. Study, read ancient mythology, grow some plants, keep track of nature cycles/ moon phases, and meditate!!


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