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Name: Perspicuus_O
Birthday: Nov 30 2002
Location: My mind is my safe haven, therefore this is where I reside.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 18 Apr 2014

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Personal Bio
Hello, my name is Perspicuus Obscurum. Or at least, that is the name given to me by my soul, the nickname I have used since I was old enough to say I wanted it. The word 'Obscurum' is 'Darkness' in Latin -- My soul is a dark pit in which people shall not dare to enter. The reason my name means 'Bright' in Latin is simply because, contrary to my belief, people say I am an immensely intelligent being-- However, I do not believe in such a world -- where people rise above each other simply because of skill, alas, I am an ordinary 6th grade girl.

I practice the wiccan art (I have a few books for that) and obscure spells, as long as they stay away from Satanic/Occult/Hades-type beliefs. I am well aware that magic is much more than Tinker Bell and all of that trash, I am well aware that it is a sacred art not to be taken lightly.

I am capable of teaching others things, but probably need a teacher as well. So, with that said, here are some things about me.

Age: 11

Sign: Sagittarius

Zodiac: Water Horse

Favorite Color: Black and white look best on me, so I suppose I'll put them together, add more white, and make it silver.

Sport: I don't know if I should consider myself even one who enjoys or even understands the concept of sports, but among my favorite activities is swimming, so I suppose that would be a sport...

The Animal My Soul Most Resembles: I am most likely a dog -- Loyal, faithful, docile at times but knows how to kick up a ruckus

Best Friend: I don't believe I have one, but I am fond of a girl named Sofi who lives in Sweden and a girl up the road who is called Heaven. I am quite the lonely person.

Student: I don't have one yet, but am willing to take one person in and become dedicated to them as my student. I will teach anything that has nothing to do with the Occult, for I am fairly well-rounded in white and wiccan concepts.

Mentor: Still looking for one, but for now I am self-taught and my books are my mentor.

So, feel free to speak to me. I do not open up easily, but when I do I am told that I am fun to be around.


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