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Name: shadowscat4
Location: Siting beside Lucius as his pet wolf ready to claw his eyes out.....l!
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 24 Apr 2014

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Shadowscat2 and 3 or, Ari De Saint Loresten, if you will. My friends call me Madam Fate because often I portray a fortuneteller, which, I quite am, although only ask the opposite of what in your hands you shall receive! my lovely, let us play a game of sorts, hahaha, bet your soul.... Well hello there, I really must introduce myself. Ari is the name. Well, actually the fourth name of mine. I have waaaaaay too many nicknames to list, but the most common among my friends are:

1. Wolfie - I hunt, love wolves...

2. Pyro - I love fire. I've stuck my arm in a burning flame three times in the past year

3. Bookworm - self explanatory, eh?

4. Madame Fate - I became somewhat interested in fortune telling three years ago...

Self harm colorless by Hatsune Miku. Check it out, a really good song this one is. I can sing it in Japanese as every other Vocaloid. Yawn snooze so tired. I get no sleep at night anymore. I love creepypastas, EYELESS JACK really has no eyes under that mask...*shivers* and all this time....anyways, I am the puppet master out of everyone, at your service! Ask away and your fate shall be readjusted, although this particular sort of task demands one of pure madness such as myself. Somewhat of a Fair warning, if you wish to ask why I even bothered with tarot cards I will personally locate your place of residence and burn it down, whilst eating popcorn. Never. Ever. Ask. Please, it is a crappy, unnecessary type of are needles, cages, wolf hybrids - don't even get me started on those *shudder* awful beasts. I'm an empath, and I sold my soul. Why? Don't ask that either. Light colored animals, particularly cats hate me, minus my little ball of fluff named Leslie, which is my tiny, cute, awesome fluff ball familiar. Past lives are not crap; I have tons of the memories. Every night as my eyes close they are there so no saying they don't exist orrrrrrrr OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!! Don't pray for us, we don't need no modern Jesus...the only thing we have is faith in us. David taught me what I know. I can't teach others, it's his rule, miss MaxxxMarine!!!!!!! I did nothing for the record

Come on in

Take a seat next to me

You know we got

We got what you need

We may be liars preaching to choirs

But we can

We can sell your dreams

You don't need sympathy

They got a pill for everything

Just take that dark cloud

Ring it out to wash it down, but

Don't pray for us

We don't need no modern Jesus

To roll with us

The only rule we need is never

Giving up

The only faith we have is faith in us

We're the ones who start little fires

Yet they burn out

But when they're on the rise

They can't help but shine

And when the wave approaches

Take our ashes to the ocean

Who cares if hell awaits?

We're having drinks at heaven's gate

Don't pray for us

We don't need no modern Jesus

To roll with us

The only rule we need is never

Giving up

The only faith we have is faith in us

We know that we're helpless

At least we always assume

But we don't need to prove nothing to you

Let's keep the cool

You don't need to feel blue

Cause we won't sell you nothing

You can't use

Don't pray for us

We don't need no modern Jesus

To roll with us

The only rule we need is never

Giving up

The only faith we have is faith in us


It's like 3 2 1

Count down to the sunrise

Sit up all night staring at the moonlight

Monologue, dialog I don't get a say do I?

If you're gonna behave like that I should I should

To stay or go the window-ledge seems nice

I don't really even wanna fight

But you press on and on like my heart's just an iron on

There's only one of me yet I feel like

Drawn, drawn, drawn drawn on

Painted. Jaded

I miss you little bro nothing's gonna change

I wish it was me at the end of the gin instead of you

Why did he have to make you go so soon?


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