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Name: Shasnas
Location: Earth
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 07 Dec 2016


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Current mood: Happy *****I finally figured out why my spell casting kept failing!***** I had a negative spirit attached to me so I seeked spiritual help Now I can do everything to my fullest ability!! I feel like I have been freshly born!!! I feel like I've missed out on life!!! I'll make an effort to be on here. *****So I currently have a BIG interest in the Left Hand path! :)***** If I don't reply quickly, then I'm either sleeping or working -I do not have a skype, kik, twitter, etc. and never will. -I will never be single, so don't ask. -I do not tolerate fluffs. -I'm working on shielding/protection(Accomplished!!). -I will NOT cast a spell for you and no thank you, I do not need extra energy. -Different shades of Blue and purple are my favorite colors. -When I dream, I have fun flying, taking over the world, and being what I really am >:] I may look cute and beautiful, but my body is merely a vessel. The true me does not match up with my physical appearance. The real me is a vengeful monster, hungry for satisfaction. A restless soul, cutting down anyone that gets in my way. I guess you can say that I'm psychotic good(or so it seems, I mean no harm, just for those evil people). I do not get attached to friends on cyberspace, just to let you know(not in a bad way). I'm a serious person. I don't make room for fluffs, so you have been warned. ***My goal is to read and understand every article on this site*** If your going to send me mail, please put a subject. Don't put "Hi" , "Hello" or "No subject" , because then it'll be left unread and dead :p Specifying helps :) I do tend to rhyme sometimes, but not on purpose. It comes out naturally when I talk. -I really can't tell which people are fluffs or not, so if I say something that sounds fluff-ish, let me know. It's not my fault, there are people who tell me that they aren't and end up saying impossible things being possible. Some go into detail and tie it in with theories. Which messes me up a bit. I don't have a path, yet. I just started exploring and I'm getting interested in the Left Path(Black magick or whatever people call Freedom,Love, and Power). I don't follow religion, I have an open mind. My family is Catholic, but I am slowly breaking away from that as you can see(I'm not really suppose to be on this site). I guess I follow the commandments, but that's what keeps me out of trouble and isn't a bad thing. Don't know if you heard of the saying, "God is a jealous man." I guess he wants to in prison his followers and everyone has the free will to not give into God. So God knows that we don't have to follow him and is making it seem a bad thing to be worshiping other Gods&Goddesses(Thou shall not worship any other God, crap). There for, you can choose to follow any path and I believe that everyone can become whatever they want when they die. We made a choice to live on Earth, because we had a mission. My mission is to learn more about the Earth and having a successful life. Please to meet yeah. I'll add you as a friend only if we have talked. If we have something in common, then I'll open my heart of friendship to you. Oh and even more welcomed if you like metal music. m/ This article helped me a bunch!


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